The creatures that time forgot

SHADOWS ARE POWERFUL, TRANSFORMATIVE entities in the mind of a teenager. None more so than those encountered while waist deep in quiet backwaters with a fishing pole in hand. But even as fading light filtering through cypress limbs turned many a log into something...

Downtown Cornerstones: Oklahoma Gas & Electric Building

Foward by Johnny Carrol Sain It’s long been cliche to say that downtown is the heart of a city. But it’s an easy and accurate analogy. Downtown areas were at one time the financial epicenters of their towns. The core of businesses in downtown districts powered local...

Bona fide

Alligator Rays 109 West Main Street, AltusBona fides in the culinary world come in many forms — awards, media exposure, overwhelming word of mouth. Or you could be recruited by a leader of a particular town known across the globe for its incredible cuisine. Say, a...

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