Chuck Will’s Widow

Orange flames from the backyard pit flickered in Rosa Lynn’s emerald eyes as the first day of summer unfolded into a soft June evening. Charles William was mesmerized by the contrasting colors. He had always been captivated by her aura, the red of an untamable inner...

Opportunity for All

Near the tail end of South Arkansas Avenue sits Russellville’s well-known red brick resale shop MARVA. Residents drive back and forth, stopping by to drop off donations of clothing, furniture, household items, decorations, and more. Often they venture inside and shop...

Discovering self through art

Growing up in a home with immigrant parents, Tammy Harrington figured out early that she did not fit neatly into a box. Her art, particularly self-portraiture, resonates with her continued search for who she is. Sometimes her creations, most often manifest in the form...

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