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by | Apr 1, 2010 | Every Day Life

It will be about 25 days before any of you get to read this, but in the upcoming days, it is my intent to get my boys to let me be their Facebook Friend. Yes, I know I could spend the next 25 days on something much more important, noble or philanthropic, but this has become my personal quest.
Until recently I had no idea how to use Facebook. When I first heard about Facebook, it was the latest rage for all the young folks — college and high school kids.
When my boys were in high school, their friends would be at the house and something would come up about pictures on Facebook – good pictures, not the ones no parent should ever see. I would say something about wanting to see them. One of the friends would say just look on (fill in the blank) Adrin, Dillon, or Payton’s Facebook (FB) page. My children would immediately begin protesting. Mom was never allowed on their FB page!
Now let me stop and say that they had allowed other responsible adults to be their friends on FB, so I knew if something came up I really needed to know, it would come out sooner or later. Thankfully, one of their darling friends — usually one of the girls — would get me on their FB page so I could look at the pictures.
This past summer we had a giant slip-and-slide at our house. Tons of high school and college age kids where here and it was my job to take pictures. I said something about getting copies for everybody and one of the boys said, “Miss Kechia, just post them on Facebook.” I responded with, “I don’t have Facebook.”
At this time, several of the youngpeoplesaidIshouldget one. Someone even offered to set it up for me and others said they would allow me to be their FB friend. Loud protest emanated from my children. They did not want their mom anywhere near FB!

The last straw for me came when I helped organize a ski trip for my middle son Dillon and some of his friends. Once again, where were all the pictures from the trip? They were on FB.
More and more of my friends had set up their own FB page so I decided to stop listening to the propaganda my children were feeding me about FB being only for the young. I set up my own FB page.
My children could not believe I had entered their world. Actually, what I think they really couldn’t believe is that I figured out to how set up my own FB page. I amazed myself with that one.
When I first got on FB, I would see that little ‘thumbs up’ next to people liking something. I would want to like it too so I would click on the little thumbs up symbol and nothing would happen, so I would just keep clicking on it.
Yes, I have finally found the “Like” word. Another time I was on FB and someone chatted to me. I had no idea how to respond. I would type something back but I couldn’t find the send button, because of course there is not one! Yes, I know now to hit enter.
One last FB flub — I once thought my comment wasn’t going through so I kept hitting the comment button. It posted about ten times before I stopped.
Now that I am on FB and have most of it figured out, I am ready for my children to FB ‘friend’ me. Thus began the good natured and ongoing banter of my campaign to get my children to FB friend me. The fact that I am on FB at all is disturbing to them, but to actually consider FB ‘friending’ their mom seems to be unbearable.
My request is not nearly as unreasonable as my children make it out to be. I think they may have gotten their mother’s flare for the dramatic. I know several — I could even say lots of — children who are friends with their parents on Facebook, so I don’t understand it. Well, that might not be exactly true. I do understand it but I think they are wrong, which in “mamma world” means they ARE wrong.

I started my campaign with a Facebook post asking anyone and everyone who is a friend of mine and any of my three boys to tell them they should “friend me.” That has gotten me nowhere with the boys but I have received some very funny comments.
Several of my FB friends have suggested I tie this issue to money. The 23-year-old is self-sufficient so no luck there with that one. And when I mentioned it to my husband concerning the two college boys, he said he has already tied money to grades and that grades trump FB. I should also add that he could care less if they FB friend me or not. I am all on my own in this.
My next maneuver was to guilt my 23-year-old in to letting me be his “friend” when he came over for dinner last night. I good naturedly poured on the, “I have done so much for you,” “I have sacrificed for you,” and the big one, “If you love me.”
You all do remember my mentioning my flare for the dramatic right? I thought I had him with my last plea of, “Please let me be your friend.” But with his quick wit, he shot back: “You have spent my whole life telling me, I am not your FRIEND: I am your mother.”
Oh, that was a good one. Don’t you just hate it when they use your own words against you?
Rounds one and two have gone to the children, but I am not giving up. Well, not yet anyway.



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