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by | Oct 1, 2014 | Community Commerce

If you are lucky in life, you will find a job that you do not hate, that also pays the bills. If you are blessed, you will find your passion and be able to make money pursuing it. Kirt Mosley, local interior designer, is definitely a blessed man.
Years ago, Mosley’s father and grandfather owned Home Furniture Store, unknowingly paving the way for an aspiring young boy to grow into a man who has done nothing short of placing foundations under his dream of doing interior design full-time.
Before going into business for himself, Mosley was finding ways to incorporate his dream into everyday life, taking on clients on his days off, weekends, because he “loved it that much.”
“I have always done it [interior design]. It is not a trained thing, but a God given talent. Everything I do is done with love and passion,” said Mosley.
So, what do you get when you hire Kirt? Services include, but are not limited to, design by the hour to “fluff” up your house, remodeling, new construction and much more. His 30 years of experience, “I’m a hugger” greeting, warm personality and heart for the community are bonuses, though. “I want people to know this is all much more affordable than most probably think,” said Mosley.
“I try to work with vendors in Russellville because these people have to eat, too. If they cannot supply what I need then I check surrounding areas,” said Mosley.
While his business strategy encourages local entrepreneurship, it also advocates the next generation of potential business leaders. “I employ three Tech students. Students are looking for jobs to pay their way through school, and anything I can do to help someone get their degree – well, I feel like I have succeeded,” explained Mosley.
Interior design, and decorating a home in general, can be a daunting task for some, but rest assured, Kirt will “see you from the very first to the very last.” His process varies by client, but the first step is always a consultation and walk-thru of a home or business.
Mosley’s talents have not been limited to just the Russellville area. He has traveled to places such as Missouri, Colorado, Florida and Mississippi to work with clients.
“I want the River Valley to know how happy I am to live and work in the area that I have grown up in. As a native, it is very special to me. I know so many people, and so many people know me, therefore; it is a privilege to have this position,” said Mosley.
While Mosley does not believe he necessarily has a “signature,” he said people could usually tell when he has decorated a room.
Kirt’s quick tips for sprucing up a home:

  • Did you catch last issue’s article on Brian Irwin, owner of The Frame Shop & Gallery? Kirt agrees with Irwin’s mother – every room needs a touch of black!
  • Incorporate something sentimental
  • Instead of spreading little things everywhere, pick an area in a room and ‘beef it up’
  • Holiday decorating tips + must-haves:
  • Candles, fresh flowers
  • Things handed down in the family
  • A signature – something that people say “oh, she always puts that out at Christmas!”
  • If entertaining, utilize unexpected rooms such as a sun room or breakfast room.

To hire Kirt, or simply chat, email him at or call him at 479-890-1715.l

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