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by | May 1, 2015 | Community Commerce

Many times, on the exterior, a successful business can appear like it has been fancied by luck or good fortune, when in reality, literal sweat, blood and tears are what have built a viable and sustainable livelihood.
That very truth has been the heartbeat and ideology behind D&R Paints in Russellville for 29 years.
After his father bought the business in 1986, Chad Freyaldenhoven, second generation entrepreneur and owner of D&R Paints, found himself working in the family business throughout high school and college. Inevitably, he developed a genuine connection to the store, and an understanding of how everything was managed. Nearly a lifetime of working for his dad led up to Freyaldenhoven’s purchase of the business and all of its assets in June of 2006.
D&R Paints specializes in residential, commercial and industrial paint, offering full lines of paint, stains and coatings including PPG Pittsburgh Paints, Devoe Paints, PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, PPG High Performance Coatings, Devoe High Performance Coatings and Sikkens Wood Finishes.
In March of 2008, business was doing well and opportunity knocked, leading to the expansion of D&R Paints into Clarksville. “We heard there was a paint store closing in Clarksville, and we made an offer to them. After our offer was declined, we decided to just open our own,” recalled Freyaldenhoven.
With just one employee in Russellville and one man running the store in Clarksville, hard work is not a foreign concept for the men of D&R Paints. “When I say we work for a living, I really mean it. We have mouths to feed,” said Freyaldenhoven.
With nine sources in Russellville to buy paint from, it can be hard to narrow down where to give your business. “This is a technical process, and when you work with us, I am confident we can not only sell you the materials that are going to be the best for your project, we can answer your questions on application from start to finish,” said Freyaldenhoven.
“I like being in a small town like this because your sales are much more personal. You could not pay me to move to a big town,” added Freyaldenhoven.
With seasons changing, Freyaldenhoven has several tips and tricks for your spring and summer projects.
1. Do not skip preparation
Whether you are painting the exterior or interior of your home, do not forget to clean the surface (pressure wash)
2. Wait until the time is right
Once summer rolls around, make sure not to paint in the early morning or at dusk, as humidity is highest at these times and lessens the effect of coatings.
3. Keep it clean
“Most people do not think about giving their home a bath, especially on the outside, but it is important to do this once a year,” said Freyaldenhoven
4. Use quality materials
“I will be honest; sometimes people come in and wonder why some of our paints are not cheaper than our competitors, and it is because I will only carry good quality materials. From the paint you use, down to the brushes, investing in better materials keeps you from having to paint and touch up so often,” explained Freyaldenhoven.
“We are always happy to answer any questions, and also have permanent color records on our customers,” said Freyaldenhoven.
D&R Paints is located at 905 E Main St in Russellville, and their Clarksville location calls 1003 S. Rogers home. The Russellville location can be reached at (479) 968-7071 and Clarksville at (479) 754-7075.

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