Nitro Coffee

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Valley Vittles

When I was a kid, coffee was a blue-collar beverage for adults, and it was served one way — black. Dad, Granny, Poppy, uncles and aunts, they all drank the bitter stuff straight and preferred it quarter-floating strong. If they could see the bottom of the mug at any time before the mug was empty, it was a weak cup. Discussions about coffee options tilted back and forth between Maxwell House and Folger’s. Decaffeinated brown liquid was not coffee.
My, my how the times have changed.
Coffee is now the drink of choice for it seems like everyone, and the spectrum of options seems to grow daily. There’s various types of coffee beverages and seemingly infinite numbers of flavoring options. You can get fruit flavored coffee. You can even get iced coffee. What would my grandparents think about iced coffee?
And now you can get nitrogen infused coffee. Who thinks this stuff up?
Whoever it was, bless their hearts, because unlikely as it sounds they hit a winner. It’s a totally unique coffee experience, and you can find it at Midtown Coffee in Russellville’s City Mall.
Tiny nitrogen bubbles change the consistency and taste of coffee in a weirdly pleasing way. It’s a foamy, unexpectedly smooth velvety texture that seems to soften the brooding bite of coffee that’s dark as a sinner’s heart. It’s highly caffeinated. It’s a coffee experience you’ve never encountered before. And in homage to coffee from back in the day, it’s best served black. 

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