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by | Feb 1, 2020 | Community Commerce

Photo by Hannah Butler

Since 1966, Rose Drug of Russellville has been a pharmacy and gift shop that focuses on providing a personal touch for the community. The business puts an emphasis on reminders for customers to receive vaccinations, or sending messages on customer’s birthdays because the little thing matter

“We try to offer personal service,” said Margie Smith of Rose Drug.

Although it’s focused on personalization, Rose Drug is also offers convenience. Services like medical synchronization, delivery within the city limits, wellness classes and multi-dose pill packaging are all available. With its drive-through window for pick-up or orders with curbside service is also provided.

According to Margie, the added services has helped her business exponentially. If there are cars waiting in the drive-through, employees are able to go out to deliver medicine for convenience. “We have a unique situation,” she said. “None of the chains can offer this. There are different services that our pharmacy does to make it a more pleasurable experience and more personalized,” she said. For another example, Rose Drug can also provide anti-bitter flavoring for some medicines to mask some medicines’ flavor.

Margie also takes in interest in education customers about pharmaceuticals, which can lead to better health and money saved.

Along with the improvements in the pharmacy, Rose Drug has added to its gift section, offering a special emphasis on both bridal and baby registry.

“We can assist new brides and new mothers with products and services,” Margie says. “In the baby section, we try to provide new and useful products for the moms to have. Some things are trendy but there are some items that they need that we can guide them with.” Sheets and changing table covers will soon be added to the selection.

Rose Drug has more than gifts for brides-to-be and new mothers. It also has dining, home decor, and kitchen products. And all of the products in the gift shop are placed on display to show how to make place items within a home. Plus, every gift is wrapped with a handmade bow.

Margie’s goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed.“We want more people to be aware of who we are and where we are,” she says. “When people register with us and shop here, it’s helping a local business,” Margie says. “You’re supporting your local retailer by buying that wedding gift.”l


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