Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation

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Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation

(479) 968-5256 | 215 S. Portland Avenue, Russellville

Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation — Russellville’s first nursing home — is still thriving today because of the professional care it gives to residents and because it has a staff that cares on the personal level.

“We work hard to realize that this is their home,” Amber Strom, Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation administrator, says. “We are in their house. We do what they ask. If one wants a burger, but that’s not what is on the menu for today, we still fix them a burger. Everyday the residents thank us for what we do.”

Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation is not only a longterm-care facility, but also a short-term facility caring for the elderly population in need of rehabilitation after surgery or while his or her established caregiver is unavailable. Originally located behind St. Mary’s Regional Health System, Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation moved to 215 South Portland 11 years ago, where it is equipped to house 100 residents. Just off of Main Street, it has a beautiful backdrop of trees looking up at Skyline. It’s near necessary facilities, yet, has a peaceful feel.

Up-to-date training is important in providing quality care, Amber says. And quality care leads to happy residents. It also leads to recognition for a job well done.

Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation was recently awarded the Governors Quality Award for Excellence. This is RNR’s second time to win this award with the first recognition coming in 2017. Award-winning facilities must meet and exceed stringent requirements in leadership, strategic planning, workforce focus, customer focus, knowledge management, process management and, of course, results.

Several staff members also received individual accolades for excellence in caregiving from the Arkansas Health Care Association including two Quality Care Awards, several nominees for caregiver awards, two CNA of the Year awards, Team Member of the Year, Environmental Service Worker of the Year and Administrator of the Year.

Keeping the facilities renovated and the residents entertained and comfortable are also important factors in their health and well-being. Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation recently renovated both rehabilitation and longterm care rooms and continues to beautify the courtyard.

Strom says that Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation offers a wide range of activities for residents such as sitter-sizing and games. Wii bowling and fishing are some of the favorites. Strom says entertainers like Boogie Dan and an Elvis impersonator also perform. “They love it when ARVA (Arkansas Virtual Academy) students visit to read to them,” Strom added.

Focusing on the importance of family, Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation includes facilities that families can reserve for parties and get-togethers so that relatives who reside there can comfortably attend. With recent restrictions due to COVID, staff is doing more to ensure residents can still stay in touch with loved ones.

“We do Facetime and window and door visits,” Amber says. “They [staff]) are doing an amazing job keeping them in touch with loved-ones, making sure they can still see and visit family.”

Russellville Nursing and Rehabilitation is more than three meals a day and a room. It’s truly the people that make it home. “We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love what we do,” Amber says. “We do anything we can do to make their lives better.”

And it shows.

Tours can be scheduled through the website at or via phone at 479-968-5256l

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