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Senior Living Solutions

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When Mike Cude began attending college, he didn’t know what he wanted to do, only that it would involve healthcare. “I worked in respiratory care for 20 years,” Mike says. “I got into management. I learned the business and had great mentors.” But then the company he worked for was gobbled up by a bigger company. “I knew I didn’t want to work for a big company,” Mike says.

It was then that Mike began considering other avenues in the health field. “We had moved my mother-in-law into our home,” Mike says. “She had terminal cancer, and I could come and go as I pleased to help care for her. She’d call with an emergency like the remote control not working or wanting chicken for lunch. I thought, ‘what do people do that don’t have someone?’ Working in health care and seeing people at home that didn’t need to be by themselves, seeing healthcare illiteracy, people not knowing what benefits they qualify for. There is a lot of misinformation out there.”

That was the beginning, in 2017, of Senior Living Solutions. Mike is now a certified senior advisor and offers his clients free assistance locating the right care for each of them, whether it is independent living, assisted living, memory or Alzheimer’s care, residential care or in-home care.

It all starts with a phone assessment during which Mike determines the level of care needed and an idea of the budget requirements. From that, he narrows down the choices and arranges a consultation. “If Dad needs memory care, let’s figure out who has that care,” Mike says. “Let’s find one with activities and the right dietary options. I want to know if they are a good fit.” Mike said he narrows it down to two or three of the best options. “I can pick up the client and take them there to visit,” Mike says. “Then we sit down and make a decision.”

Mike has built a network of assisted living and residential homes, along with many other businesses, that can help his clients in some way with this transition. “They pay me so that I can provide this service for my clients for nothing,” Mike says “They go through enough. They don’t need another bill.”

In his network are also elder law and estate planning attorneys, budgeting and financial services, packing and moving services, adult daycare and respite services, and medical alert device facilitation. Mike is constantly growing his network with other businesses that might be of assistance with the transition. “If I can find a specialist,” Mike says, “they might have a connection.”

Mike doesn’t cut ties with his clients once the arrangements have been made. “Whatever happens after the fact, I help them,” Mike says. “I want to be as much of an asset to the network as my client. The facilities call me to help sometimes when they can’t help the client. The care doesn’t end. I’ve taken clients to the doctor. I’ve picked the dog up from boarding. I’ve met the movers. I’ve helped a client pick out and order a bed. I’ve been blessed and to turn around and bless others, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what it is supposed to be about.”

Mike says that his job is rewarding because each person has such a unique story. “It is such an honor to be included in that,” Mike says. “I’ve been told several times that I’m an answered prayer. If I’m part of a greater purpose, I feel like, ‘man, you’ve got to be doing something right.’”

Mike Cude, owner and operator of Senior Living Solutions, can be reached at 501-650-3013 (office) or 479-970-2648 (cell) to arrange a free consultation. More information can also be found at


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