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Kirt Mosley Interior Design

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More time at home these days has led to reevaluating use of space and decor. Whether your walls just need a color update or your house a complete redesign for changing needs, Kirt Mosley Interiors can bring out the best in your space.

Kirt Mosley’s love for interior design began when he was a teen working in the family business, Home Furniture in Russellville. While Mosley was designing pieces for clients and making sure each detail was correct, his now-business-partner Brad Ward was managing his own family’s jewelry store in Morrilton. Since both come from family businesses, they firmly stand by the rule — the customer is always right. As Ward says, “There’s not usually a ‘no’ in our vocabularies.” 

What had been a part-time job for Mosley turned full-time 10 years ago. And while Ward has helped Mosley part-time with out-of-state clients and buying trips for the past 30 years, he joined the business full-time in 2017. “We make a good team,” Ward says. “Sometimes one of us has to tell the other, ‘that’s too much.’ I’m more contemporary and Kirt is more traditional. It’s a good mix.” Mosley describes their style as “traditional with a twist.” 

Start to Finish

Mosley said the process usually starts with a straight-forward “I need your help” call from a potential client. From that point, he says, they schedule a walk-through and take photos while assessing what the client needs and what they already have. “We love to take the client’s sentimental pieces, the heirloom or vintage pieces, and bring them up to date,” Mosley says. Ward added that the duo enjoys working with the homeowner’s things if they choose. “We can do just one room and use their own items.”

And, of course, budget is always one of the first discussions. “We try to be economically feasible for the client,” Ward says. “Sometimes when we tear things out we find things we didn’t expect. We work for the end result despite the obstacles that happen in between. Clients want the look of the complete job with Kirt’s God-given talent, and that’s what we strive to give them.” 

After budgeting, Mosley and Ward shop, including the client if they’d like to be present. Mosley says they use Russellville businesses as much as possible. “I’m a Russellville native and that’s important to me.”

Once shopping is complete, Mosley and Ward meet the client to review the plan then start hiring specialists as needed for electric, flooring, blinds, drapes, granite, etc. “A lot of our vendors got their starts at Home Furniture,” Ward says.

While interior remodels comprise the majority of their business, the team can design the look for the exterior as well, such as picking out roofs, shutters, doors, and brick finishes for new construction as well as remodeling. “A lot of people don’t realize we can do it all,” Ward says.“No job is too small or too big, whether it is one room or a full house. We can fit any budget.” He adds that many clients are repeat and regulars and often have Mosley and Ward design spaces for both their businesses and homes. 

What are Mosley’s and Ward’s design preferences? “We like to soften the lighting and bring in greenery,” Ward says. “Red is always strong for us.” Mosley adds that “instead of all Farmhouse, color is coming back.” 

Kirt Mosley Interiors is available to help homes and businesses get off to a fresh start in 2021 with function, comfort, and beauty within the clients’ budgets.

Kirt Mosley Interiors can be reached on Facebook,, or call 479-890-1715.

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