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by | Nov 1, 2021 | Valley Vittles

Photo by Liz Chrisman

Aunt Melvie’s Brownies & More

Just after the gorging on veggies, poultry, potatoes, and breads and just before the tryptophan kicks in as your eyelids droop under the weight of a full belly, the yearnings for something sweet to compliment the savory begin in earnest.

There’s always (or there always should be) pumpkin pie and banana pudding. There might be a cake or two of one kind or another. But if you’re very fortunate, one of your beloved might have brought something special from Aunt Melvie’s Brownies & More.

As the name implies there’s more than brownies at Aunt Melvie’s. Just our small sampling included three types of toffee crunch (that’s never sticky), streusels (apple is divine), cookies (chocolate chip is the classic choice and was simply scrumptious), and then of course the brownies (turtle all the way).

Aunt Melvie’s says that everything is made with love and the recipes have been family staples for more than three decades. While we can’t objectively verify just how much love goes into to every pan, we know for certain that it tastes like bowlful.

Maybe you’d like to start a sweet new family tradition at this year’s Thanksgiving feast. If so, you can find Aunt Melvie’s on Facebook or Instagram, or order from her on the Russellville Community Market at

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