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Meet Lashard Bullard! Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Lashard has lived in the River Valley for eleven years. At age 33, he teaches and coaches at Valley Christian School in Russellville.

Lashard’s parents Avis and Derek Bullard, have been married for 34 years. He says, “They’ve given us all that they have. We are so grateful for what they have poured into us.” He has two siblings, Daniel Bullard currently living in Dallas, TX, with his wife Akilah and daughter Nylah; and Kenva Munroe currently living in the Bahamas with her husband Ramon Munroe and two daughters Ravyn and Rylie. Lashard and his wife Jolynda Davis- Bullard have three children: Amara, DaVaughn, and Elijah.

1. Dog or cat? Why?

This isn’t even close. It’s dogs all day, every day. I don’t trust cats. They are unpredictable and not very fun to play with. I grew up with dogs my whole life. I enjoy dogs’ company. They are fun to play with, they are good for kids, they are good for protecting, and they are super loyal. I currently have two dogs, Tommy who is 11 years old and Scrappy who is 1. I love my dogs very much and wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world.

2. What do you think is the most positive aspect of living in the River Valley?

Living in the River Valley as you can imagine was a huge culture shock for me coming from the Bahamas. Right away the biggest thing that stands out to me about the River Valley is the people. There is a different kind of love that people show you in this area and show one another. Even though I am not from this area, everyone here has welcomed me with open arms and has allowed my family and me to call this place home. Next it has to be the scenery. Coming from the islands I was used to just flat land and the ocean water, but here with the mountains and rivers and lakes, it’s so beautiful. When the season changes the Valley always takes on a different look. Now I need to make this clear: I absolutely hate the cold but experiencing snow and these types of temperatures has been life-changing for sure. We love it here, and we are very thankful to be here.

3. What is your favorite music genre and artist? Why?

Oh, by far my favorite genre is R&B. I also like reggae music and hip pop. Now since I have moved down here, I will admit there are a few country songs that have grown on me.

4. If you could change one thing about the River Valley, what would it be?

I would really like to see this area invest in a sporting complex. We have multiple softball and baseball complexes but I would love to see a complex for basketball and volleyball. There are so many talented kids in the river valley and if we are able to add these types of facilities, I believe we can provide more opportunities to help mature our athletes’ skillset. By adding a basketball complex we can bring more revenue into the River Valley area. At that point we can host more basketball and volleyball tournaments. So I think a sports complex would and could be a very beneficial project for the River Valley.

5. Pizza, tacos, cheeseburger, or fried chicken? Any particular reason why?

Fried chicken. This one was easy for me. Its just something growing up that we ate a lot more of. Tacos are not a popular dish at all in the Bahamas, and we didn’t get to eat out a bunch, so pizza and cheeseburgers were an occasionally treat. Fried chicken was something that my siblings and I enjoy very much.

6. What is your favorite quote? Could be from an inspirational person, could be an original.

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard” Kevin Durant. I have been the underdog a lot growing up. Was never picked to come out on top. It helped me develop my hard working, never quit, and go all-out attitude.

7. One person (past or present) you’ve never met, with which you’d like to spend a day and what would you choose to do with that time?

Other than his recent events, that person for me is Will Smith. I have been a big fan of him since I was a young kid. He always speaks about growth and what it means to love yourself. If I had a whole day with him I would like to tour his house for starters, but honestly just go and sit down with him and just let him talk about his life experience and what did it take for him to get to where he is at. Lastly, we must play a game of 1 on 1 in basketball. He used to play so I must see how good he is.

8. If you could choose to be anything, what would that be and why?

A NBA player. Not only to play a game that I love but also having that platform to make a difference in other people’s lives. Being able to travel the world, experience new cultures, meet new people, and change lives. To be able to do something like that would be a dream come true. I know its not the popular answer but that is where my heart leads me on this.

9. What is your five-year goal from today?

My five-year goal is to have a stable basketball program, where I can continue to not only help kids become better basketball players, but I can also have a positive impact on their lives, teaching them to be respectable, caring, hardworking, and disciples of Christ. These things not only make them better ball players, but in the real world it can also carry over into their everyday lives. I truly enjoy working with kids and I will do all I can to make sure I teach them the things that can help them be successful. I am also back in school this year, and I am working towards achieving my master’s degree.

10. What is your ‘Friday Night’ go-to in the River Valley?

That will have to be bowling. I absolutely love bowling, so if there is a free Friday evening, I am trying to go to the bowling alley.

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