Chicken Wraps and Turkey Clubs

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Countertop Creations

Photo by Liz Chrisman

This month’s recipes, provided by Pete Unwer, are a unique twist on a couple of light lunch favorites: the turkey club and the chicken wrap. Unwer is a junior Hospitality Administration major with a Food Beverage Management emphasis, a resident assistant in Baswell and president of the Hospitality Administration Society. We hope you enjoy!

Turkey Club

    • 3 oz turkey
    • 3 oz ham
    • 3 slices bacon
    • 2 slices white sharp cheddar(or your favorite cheese)
    • 2 slices jalapeno cornbread (or your favorite bread)
    • 2 tomato slices
    • 2 pieces of romaine lettuce


    1. Lay bread slices out
    2. Put cheese on one slice
    3. Then add turkey, ham and bacon
    4. Top with tomato and lettuce
    5. Add the condiments of your choosing.
    6. Top with other bread slice, cut in half, and serve!

Photo by Liz Chrisman

Chicken Avocado Ranch Wrap

    • 4 oz cooked chicken, diced and seasoned with salt and pepper
    • 2 tbsp ranch
    • 1/4 avocado, sliced
    • 2 tomato slices
    • 2 romaine lettuce leaves
    • 1 tortilla of your favorite flavor
    • 2 slices of your favorite cheese


    1. In a bowl mix the chicken and ranch until
    2. Chicken is covered.
    3. Lay tortilla out and spread avocado in the middle
    4. Lay the two slices of cheese in the middle
    5. Add chicken on top of cheese
    6. Add tomatoes and lettuce on top chicken
    7. Roll up the tortilla
    8. Cut in half and enjoy!

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