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Steve Gann says he nerds out on everything. He has a long list of titles including Doctor, Captain, Chemist, Professor and Master Electrician, supporting his nerd status with a longing to forever continue learning.

At age 68, Gann has lived in Russellville for 45 years. He grew up in Lavaca, and is three-times retired: Navy Captain, nuclear chemist and chemistry professor. With a dedication to alternative power sources in the River Valley, he is still working as a master electrician and partner of Perihelion Solar in Russellville.

His family includes his wife Dana, daughter Mary (husband Forrest) Patterson and grandson Rustle Galileo, son Carl Joe, and Gann’s older brother Jimmy of whom he is guardian.

Here’s another 10 Things ABOUT Dr. Capt. Steve Gann:

1. What is your favorite book, and why? 

“Gone with the Wind”. It was the first novel I was ever able to read.

2. Dog or cat? Why?

Cat. Wife loves dogs, somebody has to love cats.

3. What’s something no one would ever guess about you? 

I never learned to read in school.

4. What is your favorite music genre and artist? Why?

Classic Rock, it’s what I grew up on. Never could decide if CCR, Sir Elton John or Willie Nelson was my favorite.

5. Where is the one location in the River Valley you would tell a first-time visitor that they must go? 

Depends on their interest, there is so much, but if I did not know their interests, then they have got to see the Ozarks National Forest.

6. What is your favorite quote? Could be from an inspirational person, could be an original.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. There’s only one good, knowledge and one evil, ignorance.”  Socrates.
“The heart of him who has understanding, seeks knowledge.” Proverbs 15:14

7. What one person (past or present) you’ve never met, would you like to spend a day with, and what would you choose to do with that time?

My great great grandma Josie, to talk about genealogy.

8. If you could choose to be anything, what would that be and why?

A mushroom because I’m so used to being kept in the dark and fed Bovine Scat (nerd BS).

9. What is your five-year goal from today?

To still be above ground, watching sunrises on my porch while sipping coffee.

10. What is your favorite memory of the River Valley area?

Attending ATU meeting my wife.

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