Building in Progress: Progressive and Inclusive Mountain Biking Trails in the River Valley

by | Nov 28, 2022 | River Valley Adventure

Photo by Michael Roys

The Vision
The city of Russellville partnering with the River Valley Chapter of the Ozark Off-Road Cyclists (OORC) and others, are creating a next-level mountain bike skills park for riders of all ages, abilities and socio-economic levels. The park will give even more access to one of the most popular, fastest growing activities in the River Valley.

With an expanded parking area located at the corner of South Glenwood and Skyline Drive, a set of progressive trails at Pine Knob are designed for all skill levels and ages. A central hub, located a short walking distance from the parking area, will connect the various segments of trails and will identify each by difficulty.

Progressive and Shared Trails for Everyone
Riders as young as six months can begin developing skills on the Balance Course to learn and practice the very earliest fundamentals of riding skills on a gently sloped course.

Clearly marked trails will direct riders to beginner, intermediate or more advanced rider skill level areas. The trails are designed to allow riders to repeat particular portions of the trail to gain confidence before attempting more challenging skills and features on other trails.

Planned trail features will include berms, gaps, drops, rolldowns, jumps and ladder bridges.

Riders who master the trails at Pine Knob will be more confident on the other River Valley trails including Old Post Road Park Trails, Ouita Coal Company Trails and the Monument Trails at Mt. Nebo State Park.

The trails at Pine Knob are designed for shared use. Walkers, joggers, hikers, and bikers are all welcome.

Building Trails Builds Community
A goal of the River Valley OORC and its partners is to make Russellville and the River Valley a welcoming place to visit and participate in cycling at all levels. Trail construction encourages participation in cycling which builds community and economic growth. The trails at Pine Knob are located close to schools and convenient to several neighborhoods making it a prime location for families and children to explore all that the outdoors have to offer. The entities and individuals involved in the project believe the Trails at Pine Knob can improve the quality of life for the people of Russellville and the River Valley.

Russellville is the epicenter of vibrant lakes, clear creeks, lush wilderness and rolling mountains. The expansion of progressive and inclusive mountain bike trails near the city center is a draw to visitors and people considering a move to Russellville. If you haven’t yet visited the trails at Pine Knob, give them a spin or a stroll and see what all the fuss is about to be about!

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