Ridgewood Brothers BBQ

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Valley Vittles

Photo by Liz Chrisman

Ridgewood Brothers BBQ

803 West Main Place, Russellville

Since I was a kid, I’ve disliked barbeque. If my parents suggested barbeque for a meal, I would turn up my nose and refuse. I tell you this as a way to convey just how incredible Ridgewood Brothers BBQ is. Their food is so special, that even I, the once-kid that couldn’t even stomach the smell of BBQ, love it.

We recently had the opportunity to see their new permanent location, a representation of years of hard work and dedication by Robert Couser and Grant Hall, the Ridgewood brothers (who are actually best friends).

Robert and Grant so generously provided us with a huge platter of just about everything they offer, and I don’t think I can sum up just how amazing it all was in 250 words or less.

Amongst a sea of side dishes (perfect potato salad, bright cole slaw, sweet baked beans and smokey green beans) for me, the star was their jalapeno cheddar grits. These grits had that perfect texture in between creamy and chewy, and the heat from the jalapenos hit the back of your tongue in the way that makes you want to go in for another spoonful.

For the mains, we had a platter full of beef rib, pork ribs, brisket and pulled pork. The beef rib came on the bone but didn’t stay there long. The meat was so tender and juicy, and it melted into my mouth like warm butter. Their brisket and pulled pork are the perfect meats for any one of their sandwiches – they pair perfectly with their house BBQ sauces and their house pickles (yum!). And, of course, I have to brag about their pork ribs. To me, this is what Christmas morning should taste like. Slightly sweet, a little bit salty, and perfectly smoked ham.

And speaking of Christmas, the holidays are meant for gathering around good food and good company. With their new screened-in-porch and inside dining experience, who better to spend the holiday season with than the Ridgewood Brothers themselves?

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