Out with the Old…In With the New

by | Sep 1, 2006 | Features

When Mike and Lindsey Spurlock contemplated building a new home, they opted to work with their existing Oakleaf Court residence instead. The family, which includes sons Alan, 16, and Austin, 14, had lived in the 5,100 square foot, two-story home since May 2000 but were ready for an “extreme makeover.”
“The house had good bones,” explained Mike, owner of Automated Solutions, Inc., located in Johnson County.
“It wasn’t that we didn’t like the house” the couple explained. “We just grew weary of all the green – green walls, green tile, green carpet. There was not a single room that was not green!”
So, with the assistance of two local designers and a host of contractors, the task began in January 2006. Purpose: to remove the green and fill the home’s interior with natural shades and warm hues. The changes included removing and replacing much of the existing flooring, replacing and adding new lighting, and repainting virtually every wall in the house.
“At one point, we looked around and we had 14 people working in the house, all giving us ideas and suggestions about what needed to be done,” recalled Lindsey.
Rich golden oak hardwoods requiring minimal maintenance are found downstairs. The flat, original finish was removed and a high gloss applied instead. Carpeting was replaced with a selection from Kathy Ireland in a soft, oatmeal hue. The majority of the home’s walls are now painted an inviting “latte,” a color which compliments the warm woods.
“I was concerned at first that the color would be too dark but I was pleasantly surprised,” said Lindsey.
“And, when you consider that most of the walls were covered with outdated wallpaper, the result is even more fabulous. We really love the look.”
Existing kitchen counter tops were removed and replaced with Zodiac quartz, a material that is harder than granite but not porous. Abundant surfaces and custom cabinets, coupled with an open downstairs floor plan, allow the family ample space whether cooking or entertaining.
Everyone has their own “space,” said Lindsey, laughing. “The boys have their bedrooms and a TV room upstairs, my spot is the sun porch, and Mike – he has the ‘bat cave’ – a room in which he reads, watches TV and relaxes away from the family.”
Though far from dark and eerie as one might think, Mike’s “room” is spacious and cozy. It’s an upstairs area to which he can retreat when escaping work or his home office, which lies downstairs and immediately to the right of the home’s foyer.
A guest bedroom located upstairs provides a haven for visiting guests, which sometimes includes Lindsey’s sister Laura and husband Steve from Sherwood and Mike’s dad, Herman, from Searcy.
An open upstairs hallway overlooks the downstairs living area and is flanked by two large lighted curio cabinets. The curios were obtained at Lindsey’s request to house two personal collections – heirloom bears in one; collectable baby dolls in the other. Only a few dozen of Lindsey’s 300 plus bear collection are in one curio – the others are nestled in a wall-in closet with built-in shelving.
The closet – actually a sewing room for the home’s original owner – contains bears that Lindsey has collected since she was married in 1984. Each has it’s own story, including one handmade by Mike from a legal pad for their third wedding anniversary.
Dianna Hill, owner of Dianna’s Custom Interiors, is responsible for the lush drapery, custom bedding, linens and custom window treatments found throughout the house.
“This is the third home that I’ve assisted the family with,” she added. “Knowing their taste and style simplifies the process of selecting fabrics and designs. It’s almost creepy sometimes what a ‘quick pick’ our selections.
Loretta Self, interior designer and owner of Bethany’s Fine Furniture and Design, is chiefly responsible for selecting the accessories found virtually on every wall and surface of the Spurlock home. Only a few of the furnishings are from the homeowner’s previous collection; most are recent selections “chosen especially for the home’s new look,” explained Loretta.
Lindsey points out a number of family heirlooms which Loretta used as accent pieces to compliment the new design.
And, when the family is expecting company or planning a gathering, Loretta will come over and “fluff” the home to keep it looking exquisite, added Lindsey.
Overhead lighting and wall fixtures were selected from Vinson Electric to add sparkle to every room. Lamps, chosen from Bethany’s, illuminate and accentuate the couple’s style.
The Spurlocks are also quick to praise the hard work of their contractor, Randy LaRue, and others – including electrician Doug Aitkin, painters Fred Teague and Bob Lawson, and Dusty Teague, who installed the tile.
When the makeover moved out of doors, a separate garage was added. It is still in the finishing stages, said Mike. The “playhouse” contains — among other things — a putting green for Mike, Lindsey quickly added.
Since January the focus has been on renovating the home’s interior, but now the backyard is receiving its own makeover as well.
Existing terraces were removed and a number of retaining walls added to smooth the slope of the backyard. The resulting structure better compliments the poolside area. New shrubbery and bedding plants are being planted to make an already beautiful area even more enticing.
The finished product is a long awaited change. As the Spurlock’s makeover project draws to a close, they readily admit they prefer “green” as an outdoor color.
For the family that has “lived in the home through the entire makeover process,” completion is a very good thing, indeed.

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