A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart

by | Feb 1, 2008 | Community, Features

Compiled by Leann Pacheco

Cardiac catheterization is one of several procedures that can help to identify possible problems with the heart and coronary arteries. It is a comprehensive test showing narrowing in the arteries, outside heart size, inside chamber size, pumping ability of the heart and a measurement of the pressures within the heart and arteries.
The heart catheterization lab at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center provides the River Valley this valuable diagnostic procedure.
Ken Dilday, Director of Imaging at Saint Mary’s states, “We are fortunate to have this technology and clinical expertise available right here at home.” He credits the qualified catheterization lab team and experienced physicians for the high level of quality care.
Sue McCoy, a lifelong resident of Russellville, knows first-hand the value of heart catheterization. At 50, Sue was the picture of perfect health. She worked out regularly and maintained a healthy lifestyle. With no risk factors such as high cholesterol or family history, heart disease was not on her list of concerns.
While jogging in January of 2006, however, she noticed a lack of circulation in her left arm and hand. The discomfort returned while hiking with her husband the next day. Knowing her body well enough to recognize a potentially serious problem, Sue saw a Dr. Don Hill, M.D., Internist, immediately.

Within days she had undergone a heart catheterization at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, where cardiologist Andy Henry, M.D. discovered 90% blockage in a main artery of her heart.
According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease claims more women’s lives than the next six causes of death combined – nearly 500,000 a year, nearly twice as many as all forms of cancer. One in 2.5 women will die of heart disease or stroke, compared with one in 30 from breast cancer.
Women and men can both substantially reduce many risk factors for cardiovascular disease by adopting healthier lifestyles. And if you’ve already had heart disease or a stroke, lifestyle changes can help you to a more successful recovery.
Two years and one bypass surgery later, Sue McCoy is once again a picture of beautiful health.
“We are truly blessed to have in Russellville some of the finest, most qualified physicians in the state”, she says, “ My experience is a testimony to that.”
Join Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center on Saturday, Feb. 23, at Saint Mary’s Wellness Fitness Center for a more valuable information on living “heart healthy.” The Wellness Fitness Center is located at 3808 West Main, Russellville.

The event will feature health screenings, nutritional information, educational booths, clinical speakers and a presentation by cardiologist Dai-Yuan Wang, M.D. For additional information on this event call Saint Mary’s Community Relations at (479) 964-9355.


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