don't go 'Messin' with a Blessing'

by | Mar 1, 2008 | Every Day Life

“We are just out of our routine.” How many times have I said that or had someone say that to me? A gazillion times would probably be a good answer.
I don’t know why I ever say that because the only thing routine in my house is not having a routine. Oh, we try very hard, but the universe seems to plot against us.
I swear there are times I think the angels in heaven say, “Grab the popcorn and pull up a seat, God is getting ready to mess with them again.” It has got to be a hoot to watch us scramble to put out the latest fire. If angels were allowed to bet, there would be an “office pool” everyday on how long it takes us to see the blessing of His “messing.”
Recently we had an episode of chaos that brought about more blessings than normal routine could ever hope too.
During the second week of the spring semester, our college age son Adrin contracted the stomach virus from Hades. I was working that day. Inadvertently, I had left my cell phone on the bathroom counter and was therefore unreachable for my 21-year-old baby as he lay on the bathroom floor in misery.
After many failed attempts to contact me Adrin tried his luck at contacting his father for help. Unfortunately, Donald was tied up in a meeting and could not get away for another 30 minutes or so.
Out of desperation and the fear that his insides where about to rupture, Adrin called his brother Dillon, who was at Arkansas Tech University in his calculus class. Begging for someone, at this point anyone, to come and comfort him with Gatorade and wet washcloths, Adrin convinced Dillon that he was his last hope.
What follows are the moments that make mothering teenage boys worth all the exasperation. Dillon left his calculus class, bought some containers of Gatorade with his own money and rushed off to the rescue.
Upon entering the bathroom he found his older brother –- um, let’s just say ‘sick.’ Dillon doesn’t do ‘sick’ very well but he hung in there like a trooper. He later confessed that he kept gagging almost becoming sick as well. I thought, “Welcome to Motherhood.” He wiped Adrin’s head with a washcloth. He got all the blankets out of the closet to make a pallet for and to cover Adrin to help with the chills from the fever.
They were now doing for each other all of the things that I have done for them throughout the years, no mom or dad needed.
Well, I guess we were still needed. Dillon was missing his second period physics class at the high school.
Donald rushed home to relieve Dillon when his meeting ended. It was about this time that I was informed that my husband had called the school with a message that he thought Adrin might need to go the hospital.

Rushing home, I was consumed with guilt for not having my phone. In retrospect, I see that not being immediately accessible was part of the blessing. God showed us all something about ourselves that day because of my forgetfulness. Adrin learned that he could count on his brother. Dillon learned that he could handle a crisis even while gagging. Donald and I learned that our boys are there for each other and that they know how to comfort and minister to one another.
I could have focused on the chaos, the disruption of our daily routines or the inconvenience of doctor visits and extra laundry. (I am sure most of the angels would have bet on that response because they have seen me at work before.)
Believe me I was tempted, too. If I had done that this time, I would have missed the amazing relationship between our two boys. It has become strikingly obvious to me that the things that warm our hearts and bring us great joy often happen during the events on which we did not plan.
If I had been ‘perfect’ and not forgotten my phone, we would have never been blessed with seeing our boys become the men we desire them to be. It was just another reminder of how God’s grace is sufficient for us and His wonderful work is made perfect in weakness.
So the next time you find yourself out of routine, just image all those angels making “bets” on your reaction. Then imagine your loving (yes, all that “messing” is immersed in love) Heavenly Father with a knowing smile on His face and look for the blessing of His Grace.

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