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by | May 1, 2008 | Every Day Life

I am at the point where if one more thing is added to my “to do list,” I will implode. The good thing is I still have my sense of humor, because as I wrote the word implode I thought, “Well at least you would be thinner”.
Seriously, how did life get so frenzied? If your family is anything like mine, everyone is going in a million directions. They also seem to be traveling these paths at lighting speed.
Just this evening (as I am writing this article at the last possible moment to meet my story deadline), my family and I were to attend a banquet. It was the Arkansas Scholar’s Banquet hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Our son Dillon and many others were being honored for their efforts during High School.

I called my husband around 4:30 in the afternoon to remind him that we needed to be at Arkansas Tech by six o’clock. I told him I would meet him and Dillon at the banquet because I needed to finish a few things at work.
Let me stop here and mention that I am in my sixth week of a new full-time job. I have not had a full time job since I got married. Okay, does anyone besides me see the absurdity in that last statement?

Let me try that one again. I now have another ‘full-time job,’ this one is just outside the home. The learning curve for this new arrangement has been monumental in my family. We are making progress but it is slooooow.
Now let’s get back to the banquet. I called Dillon immediately after talking to my husband to remind him of the banquet, as well. I am trying to relinquish my roll as everyone’s personal secretary, and let my “men” start taking care of their own affairs, but it is hard. I am not sure they are ready yet to be on their own with a social calendar. The following story will illustrate why.
I leave work a few minutes before six o’clock, thinking Dillon and Donald will be at the banquet waiting on me. Upon arrival, I discover they are not there. More phone calls. I discover they are taking the long way. Why? They don’t say and I don’t ask. After working all day, I am really just too tired to care, and besides, they say they will be there “in just a few minutes.”

It is at the banquet that my friend Terri fills in all the blanks as to why my family is taking the long way. She, her husband Jim and her daughter Atalie are all driving to the banquet. They are almost run over by Dillon, who is rushing (remember I did mention lightning speed?) in the wrong direction. After this encounter, Terri asks Atalie, “Is Dillon is going to the banquet?” Atalie replies, “Yes.”
Terri then inquires of Atalie, if she thinks Dillon knows the banquet is at Tech, since he seems to be headed toward the high school. They decide that Atalie should probably call Dillon and make sure he knows where to go.
Obviously, these people have known my family for a long time and know when help is needed.
Dillon doesn’t really know where the banquet is, so the help is desperately needed. Here is the kicker, Donald, my husband, Dillon’s father, is in the car with Dillon.
He is completely oblivious to the fact that Dillon has come close to hitting another car. Donald has also not clued in to the fact that Dillon is driving away instead of toward the banquet.
Why you may ask? He is on the phone with someone from his work. (Mamma’s don’t let your babies grow up and work at Nuclear Power Plants.) Therefore, the “long way” becomes the only way.
I could just blame it on the fact that they are both men, but I must take some of the blame. Conditioning over the years, has led them to believe that I will tell them where, when and how to go, and do most everything. Now all of a sudden, I have essentially kicked them out of the nest and told them to go it alone.
Like true men, they responded to my rolled eyes with, “Hey, we made it here didn’t we? ”Yeah, with a little help from our friends.
As the Bentley family meanders its way through this new phase, I have just one request. Actually, I have many but I will only share this one right now. If you see my family headed in the wrong direction or aimlessly roaming around, would you please give them some assistance?
I will be at my other full-time job, thinking about imploding.

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