Prove Your Love, Pass This On!

by | Feb 1, 2010 | Every Day Life

It is the month of love and believe me, it is everywhere these days. Massive plans are being made for romantic weekends, beautiful bouquets, gorgeous jewelry and large boxes of chocolates. Who wouldn’t find irresistible any or all of these declarations of love?
But I want to discuss a declaration of love that seems to be growing in popularity. I am not a fan of it at all. I am afraid that if I am asked one more time to provide proof of my love in this manner, I may just pull my hair out.
Relax honey. I am not talking about you. I am, however, talking about the emails – and believe it or not even text messages – that come with some lovely, inspiring, feel good messages. These messages (you pick the word here…) necessitate, imply, suggest or advise that if I don’t forward the fore mentioned message to at least five friends then I don’t love my friends. And if I do it within the next 30 minutes then something wonderful will happen to me.
Please, give me a break!!! Does anyone but me get the creepy feeling of ‘CHAIN LETTER?’
How about the ones that have an amazing story of some young, brave solider that can bring you to tears? I so enjoy reading the story until I get to the end and I am told that if I love my country I need to prove it by forwarding this story to five other people within the next five minutes. So, basically what they are saying is if I don’t forward this story then I am unpatriotic and don’t love my country or our troops. Really, are you kidding me? Who comes up with this stuff?
This last category really gets my goat. (For anyone, like my husband, who does not understand Arkansas speak, that means it greatly irritates me.) This category would include the email that contains some wonderful religious message. I am touched and uplifted until I get to the end where it boldly proclaims that if I love God and/or I am not ashamed of my faith in Christ then I will email this to everyone I know. Seriously!!?? I have to prove my faith by emailing a story?

So if you judge by all the emails and texts I have received and not forwarded, I guess it could be said that I hate or have no friends, that I hate my country and our soldiers, and that I do not love God and I am ashamed of my faith in Christ. Give me a break.
I don’t know who came up with this crazy idea to guilt, cajole, pressure, or intimidate people into proving their love for each other, their country, our soldiers, and our God through these emails, but I am asking all of you to stop.
If you come across some lovely poem that makes you think of me send it to me because you want to, not because you are trying to reach some quota. If you read a story about one of our brave soldiers and it touches you, then forward it to me, but not because you are trying to prove your patriotism or asking me to prove mine. If someone sends you a scripture or a religious message and God impresses you to send me copy, then please do so, but don’t send it to prove your love for Him.
Finally, to all my precious friends who have sent me these “love” emails, you will never hear from me in regard to one of those emails, but please know I do love you! And just for the record, I do love my country and I am a passionate about my God. Now, quick pass this story to at least five people and something wonderful will happen within the next 30 minutes. Just kidding!!!

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