Clarity is Clean, Clear Water

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Every Day Life

Abundance, abundance, abundance… It is that time of year when my life is surrounded and filled with abundance. My schedule is overflowing with parties, lunches, Bible studies, ACT classes, trips to Branson, Mo., and of course, Christmas shopping.
Everywhere I turn there are beautiful Christmas decorations that make me want to rush home and turn my house into a winter wonderland, making every room look like Christmas. If you have read this column before then you may remember me mentioning the nativity scene that I place in my two younger boys’ bathroom. It is beyond their comprehension why anyone would do such a thing. And to their credit, they are right. Their bathroom– when they lived here – did get disgusting. I will spare you the smelly details.
But you know, now that I think about it, their bathroom is probably more like the stable in which Jesus was born than my beautifully- arranged coffee table. Huh, I think there could be a lesson to learn from that observation, but it will have to wait for another time. This column is about abundance.
Along with the hordes of material things coming at me this time of year is a tremendous assortment of food. And, it was the food that humbled me and brought me to my knees. Now before any of my wonderful family and friends gets too excited and think to themselves — “Finally that girl is going to lose some weight!” — that is not what I am talking about. Yes, I do need to that and I am not dead yet so don’t give up hope, but that is not what stopped me in my tracks. It was a simple glass of water.
I teach ACT Prep classes in Springdale and recently my husband and I spent all day in the area. We arrived in time to have lunch with our son Dillon and we asked him to take us to a restaurant of his choosing. It was Sassy’s Red House. We had never eaten there but soon discovered that they serve great barbeque. Lunch was really good and the time with our son was precious – at least to his momma.

I left to teach my class; afterwards my husband and I went to the home of dear friends. We weren’t there long when the four of us decided to go out to eat dinner. We went to Blue Fin to get Sushi. It, too, was really, really awesome. I ordered water with lemon and I remember thinking briefly while sitting there, “This water tastes so good.” It had small little ice cubes and was very cold – just the way I like it. As we were driving back to Russellville that evening, my husband and I were going over the details of what had been an extremely enjoyable day. It had been the kind of day that causes you to realize how truly blessed you are, if you will only stop to notice. We’d shared two remarkable meals with people that we love dearly, and
I didn’t have to cook either one of those meals – double blessing. Just being in a position to afford to eat out twice in one day with so many struggling financially would have been enough reason for rejoicing, but to have amazing food with amazing people really made our cup run over with gratitude.
It was during this conversation that I remembered the glass of water. I was instantly humbled as I thought of all those around the world who have never known the luxury of having someone bring you ice cold water in a beautiful glass. I so often overlook the simplest but most profound blessing of my life: food, clothing, shelter, and ice cold clean water.
In this season of celebrating and reflecting on a grace we do not deserve and have not earned, may we all remember those who are in need. Let’s not just horde up and wallow in the abundance of food and material possessions but may we attempt to meet the needs of others as lavishly as our wants and needs have been met.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to each of you. May your holiday season be blest.

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