Monster TV and a Wife's Revenge

by | Apr 1, 2011 | Every Day Life

While I was gone to Springdale this past weekend to teach ACT prep classes, my husband used his free time to channel surf and stopped on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) long enough to order a 55- inch television. As I write this I am waiting on the delivery guy to bring my husband’s new toy. I have joked with Donald that next time I leave I am taking the remote with me. In his defense, I did know he was considering buying a new TV; I just didn’t know he was considering buying a 55-inch TV! It is huge!
I have been listening to my husband talk about wanting a new TV for almost a year — ever since we bought our middle son a 32- inch flat screen for his apartment. Donald is constantly saying, “It is not right that my son has a nicer TV than I do.”

Donald’s desire for a new TV only worsened after our friends, the Jacobs, got a really nice 55-inch TV and showed Donald all the “cool” things it could do. Not too long after that we were enjoying an evening of dominos at the Stuckeys’ home and discovered that they had two new TVs and one of theirs was a 55-inch. My husband was in full ‘TV envy’ mode. He kept joking that we were stopping at Wal-Mart on the way home and getting him a new TV. I then reminded him we were moving our oldest child to Florida in just a few weeks and we would not be making any more big purchases –we had just bought Donald a large leather rocker recliner — until after we saw how much we spent to set Adrin up in his new place.

That didn’t go over too well considering we were already having some disagreements on how “involved” we should be in making sure all Adrin’s needs were met. And by “involved,” I mean how much money we should spend:
Me = spend whatever my baby needs to be ready for any and all scenarios.
Donald = spend as little as possible and let the boy get the stuff on his own as he needs it. Oh, the book of “how to compromise” we could have written after that trip!
One thing we did agree on buying Adrin was – you guessed it – a new TV. I thought we were going to have to camp out in that store before the two men – Donald and Adrin – were ever going to make a decision. You would have thought they were shopping for a new kidney or for something that had the potential to bring world peace.
I got bored quickly, so I sat on a sofa and watched soccer on the Latin channel. I was actually quite entertained. I couldn’t understand the language, but hey, I couldn’t understand the pixel, co-axel, port, and capability mumbo jumbo the TV-obsessed men were talking about either.
They finally decided on a 42-inch TV that I still think is too big for Adrin’s apartment, but apparently, to men, bigger is better. After Adrin’s TV was set up and the cable guy had shown him all the “cool” stuff this new TV could do, Donald once again started in on his old song of, “It is not right that my sons have better TVs than I do.” I agreed it was his turn, but just not yet. I wanted to wait a little longer.
Well, I guess a little longer is up because in the course of writing this the 55-inch monster has arrived. Once again I must return to the largeness of this item, because when I asked my husband, “Why so big?” his response was just so adorable. He said, “Well Chuck’s is a 55-inch, and I wanted one as big as Chuck’s.”

Ladies, having now lived in a home surrounded by the male species for the last 24 to 25 years I can say they never change. It always needs to be as big as or bigger than their buddies. And if big is good then bigger is way better.
I am sure I will enjoy this TV, but the real silver lining is we really don’t have a place to put this massive thing. Now some of you are thinking, how is that a good thing? And some of you, who are quick on your feet, have already caught on that there is a shopping trip in my future.
We absolutely need a beautiful new piece of furniture on which to set this prized possession. Hey, I am starting to like this TV more already. I wonder if they have TV consoles on HSN? Let me just grab that remote and take a look.

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