Pets are God's Creatures too

by | May 1, 2011 | Community, Features

Story by Allyson Johnson
An animal shelter is a facility that becomes home to lost, abandoned, and homeless animals, primarily dogs and cats. While the goal of an animal shelter is to provide a safe environment to nurse sick dogs back to health, and keep healthy dogs happy and alive, it isn’t the reality in all shelters these days. 

Many shelters euthanize animals that are sick or very old, and many euthanize animals that aren’t adopted in a certain amount of time. Can you imagine killing an animal just because no one wants them? It’s becoming a sad reality for much of the United States, even right here in Russellville.
Cindy Bellow has started a non- profit animal rescue organization called “Animals are God’s Creatures Too.” Their primary focus is to open a no-kill animal shelter in Russellville as well as a spay and neuter clinic. Their reason for doing this is because there are so many homeless animals in Russellville; the local animal shelter just cannot contain them all. They are overloaded, and each animal may not be receiving the care they should.

Of course with all organizations, Bellow is trying to raise money for her project. She is working on writing grants and conducting fundraisers to raise money for the rescue shelter. Spay and neuter clinics can charge upwards of $100, which a lot of families can’t afford. Many people place their pets at the bottom of their necessities list, and “that just isn’t acceptable,” says Bellow. She wants the new spay and neuter clinic to offer affordable procedures, around $30-40, so that more families will participate in spaying and neutering their animals. Of course any animals at the no-kill animal rescue shelter will be available for adoption.

Bellow is also looking for permanent or foster homes for many animals.
“The alternative if we can’t find foster or permanent homes is not acceptable” says Bellow. The organization is also accepting donations of puppy and dog food for their food bank. Due to the economy, many pet owners have to give up their bets because of the cost of food, and Bellow says “with your donations, we can keep those pets with people that love them.”
Individuals can contact Bellow and the group will pick up your donation, or one can donate money directly on their website.
“Anything will be appreciated not only by the rescue or shelter, but it might give a dog or puppy a soft warm place to sleep or another few meals,” say organizers.
There are currently only five members of Animals are God’s Creatures Too. Bellow says that she is always welcoming serious volunteers. To get in contact with her you can e-mail her at, or call her at (479)-970-3447. The organization also has a website, http://www.petfinder. com/shelters/AR259.html.

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