Old World Treats Featured at Freddo's

by | Nov 1, 2013 | Valley Vittles

Who would have thought that a frozen treat originating from ice and snow in the mountains above Rome could be enjoyed here in the River Valley. The world just keeps getting smaller and cutting-edge establishments like Freddo’s Frozen Treats is the reason why.
The cold creamy sweetness that originated in Italy is called gelato. It’s a type of ice cream, but it’s made a little different than American ice cream. Gelato typically has less butterfat and it contains a relatively small amount of air compared to its fluffed-up new-world counterpart. This makes for a denser product and, in my opinion, more concentrated flavor. The texture and rich taste tells you with the first bite that something is different. And different in a very good way.
Gelato’s history is hard to pin down. Frozen desserts were recorded in Asia 3000 years ago. About 500 years later the Italians joined in with icy sweets served in Sicily, Rome and Egypt made from snow brought down from the mountaintops and preserved in below ground storage. That’s a lot of work for a dessert, but after a bowl you’ll understand that it was indeed worth it. The cool treats really caught on during the 14th Century Italian Renaissance and the rest, as they say, is history.
Freddo’s offers other sweet treats besides Italian ice cream. Frozen yogurt dispensers line one wall and candy filled glass jars sit on chrome and crystal shelves; Willy Wonka would be envious . But you really need to try the gelato. An old-world treat born on the frozen slopes of the sleeping volcano Vesuvius that you can enjoy here in the River Valley.  

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