A Bite of Beale Street in the River Valley

by | Dec 1, 2013 | Valley Vittles

Memphis, Tennessee is over three hours east of downtown Russellville. Sitting on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, Memphis is home to a several southern icons. Graceland, Beale Street and barbecue loom largest in Bluff City’s contributions to southern culture. Though you would be hard-pressed to find a corner of the globe that has not heard of the king of rock and roll and his mansion, I’m going to say that the barbecue has even broader appeal.
Southern barbecue can trace its roots back to the culture of poor rural southerners. Pork was a mainstay because pigs were easy to raise, providing a lot of meat for minimal effort. Poor southerners never wasted anything, every morsel of pork was eaten; this was easier when everything was smothered in sauce. And on those sultry southern summer days, nobody wanted to be cooped up in a hot kitchen. Solution: Let’s cook this meat outside.
Barbecue has some regional peculiarities. North Carolina is known for vinegar-based sauce, Kansas City barbecue features a dry rub, and Memphis barbecue is slathered in a sweet, spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce. Arkansas barbecue typically falls in line with the Memphis interpretation. Fat Daddy’s Barbecue sure does.

Featuring homegrown recipes for both a sweet and a spicy sauce, Fat Daddy’s brings the flavor and the atmosphere of traditional Memphis barbecue to the River Valley. For a unique and delicious twist on tradition, I suggest trying the pulled pork barbecue nachos topped with sour cream, tomato, a spicy cheese sauce and either the sweet or spicy barbecue sauce. It’s an adventurous take on barbecue and fantastic southern eating.

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