Life is Now

by | Dec 1, 2013 | On a Personal Note

Written by Rob McCormick

A good friend of mine asked me whether I thought he should release his art — art that he has created and loves — for public consumption. He has reservations. The reservations are mostly based on insecure feelings of self-worth and doubt. He is one of many friends over the years that have asked my opinion on things like this.
My thoughts are as follows: Life proves itself, over and over again, to be incredibly short. The Bible refers to man’s time on earth as a vapor, a mist, a mere breath.
This makes me put things in a different perspective and pose this question: What does death teach us?
Its indiscriminate ways care nothing for age, beauty, talent, splendor or wealth. It takes the very old as well as the very young. It takes the very rich just as it takes the very poor. It takes the very healthy and it takes the very sick. It is unforgiving. It is final and it, death, is inevitably coming for us all. This brings me to a conclusion in the matter of art, as well as in the matter of Life.
It will not be the shows I played poorly that cause regret. It will be the shows I did not play at all, because of fear, that I will regret. It will not be the songs I released for people to hear, enjoy, criticize, whatever, but the albums un-released. It will not be the chords missed, but the chords not played. It will be the kiss from my wife I did not take time to steal. It will be the harsh word in a long pointless argument that I will regret. It will be the moments I didn’t take to set my children on my lap and let them read to me, or the bedtime story I didn’t tell them when they asked and begged. The rhythms not tried, the melody unsung, the sunset not seen, the picture not taken, the poem not written, the truth not told, the love not shared is what I will so deeply regret when death, in all her inevitability, comes for me.
So I say this, drink deeply from each moment of this life. All of them; the joy and amazement, the sorrow and pain. Drink until the cup is dry then throw it on the ground and get up on the table and dance, because we are only here for a moment. Make your moment memorable and make it count. The great poet Khalil Gibran once jested, “Most people live their lives somewhere between prattling submission and mute rebellion.” Knowing full well, they are the same thing. I say be fierce in what you Love. Be passionate about Life. It is full of dispassionate people that need to be inspired. Rise against the mundane existence of eking by just to exist.

So all the time you have in the world is right now. What will you do with your today? What is the thing that will change the world and others around you for the better that you have been putting off for so long? What is the thing a whispering enemy would tell you that you are not equipped well enough to do?
Do you want to sing? Then start singing. Do you want to feed the poor? Start helping. Do you want to release a plethora of music to the world and you’re not sure if it’s good enough? Do the best you can and then let it go. Do you want to be a good parent? Then deny yourself time at the computer/ phone/x-box/bar/work and spend time with your kids while they still want to spend time with you. Do you want to be a doctor? Go to school and study hard. Do you want to be a writer? Start writing. Do you want to be a leader? Start serving.
Don’t be ashamed of what you’ve been called, equipped and prepared to do. Be humble, but be effective.
This is the sum of all things. Fear God, Revere Him, Love Him, Worship Him and keep His commands so He will know you truly are His. In this you will find His joy, unspeakable. You will find the Graciousness of a Father who adores you.
And be wonderful, life is now.

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