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by | Apr 1, 2014 | Community Commerce

A lot of brands, designers and stylists are becoming bigger advocates of simple approaches when it comes to personal style. Women around the world are rejoicing, too. However, simple does not have to mean bland, and it definitely should not!
If you have peeked in a J.Crew magazine lately or even inside the local boutiques of Russellville, you will see an obvious trend – statement jewelry. This trend is your friend. In fact, feel free to make it your best friend.
Not sure what “statement jewelry” is? The best way to describe it is as jewelry that makes you instantly say “wow.” It makes a… statement. It can take a look from day to night. It can be worn in the office or Sunday’s church service.  It can make a man weak at his knees. Basically, statement jewelry is almost as powerful as women are.
Execution is everything, so let the breakdown begin.
Working Woman
Regardless of varying dress codes, making a statement with jewelry in the office is usually possible. If you work in a conservative environment, loud necklaces will not be the way to go. In this case, cocktail rings, a toned down necklace (chain necklaces are great), an oversized watch or signature bracelet will be your best bets. If you have a little more freedom where you work, tiered statement necklaces are something to experiment with.
Date Night
Ladies, whether date night is with your other half, best girlfriends, or yourself, looking and feeling fabulous is essential. This is another occasion when tiered necklaces are ideal. Since it will be nighttime, including some stones into your look can make everything pop. If the neckline on your outfit is a little low, throwing it off with a long in length, thin necklace can be very chic and attractive. Layering thin, long necklaces is another option.
Good news, Lefler’s in Russellville’s City Mall is ready to accommodate your statement jewelry needs! Reasonable prices, constant replenish of stock and current trends for all ages are just a few of the things that have kept this local and family-owned boutique in business for so many years.
Making a statement does not have to end with your accessories. Lefler’s offers both Estée Lauder and Clinique makeup lines. With a new season around the corner, it is time to transition your makeup.
Trends + Classics to Try
Testing out beauty trends does not have to be intimidating or time consuming, but let us not forget about our timeless favorites. Below are a few of my favorites of both.
New Trends
Bold brows are here, and for a while. No shame needing a little help having thick, perfectly shaped brows. My favorite product to do that with is Clinique’s “Brow Shaper,” a pressed powder, which is less messy than gels. This product is so easy to use.
Plum lips, finally a trend that looks great on everyone! Finding the perfect shade for you is the key to adopting this trend. Estée Lauder’s new “Pure Color Envy” in “Brazen” is one plum I am excited about this season. Not only is the color intense in all of the right ways, it hydrates unlike many of its competitors.
The Timeless
Red lips have been a staple of beauty for countless years. Please, whatever you do, find a shade of red lipstick you love and wear it. If it is not a color you want for every day, use it for when you want to feel special. One color I have found to be universally flattering is Estée Lauder’s “Double Wear Stay-in-Place” lipstick in “Stay Cranberry”. Double Wear is 12-hour makeup, and it is my favorite thing. No more worrying about lipstick on teeth or reapplying during the day, this lipstick does the job.
All mentioned makeup and jewelry can be found at Lefler’s. Tell them we sent you!l

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