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by | May 3, 2014 | Community Commerce

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Regardless of a few chilly days that the River Valley has seen in the past few weeks, a majority of the afternoons have been delightful. So delightful, that I have begun to notice kayak and canoe galore gloriously floating on the tops of vehicles.
Spring has sprung and it is safe to say that the water is waiting. Most don’t give much thought, other than a layer of sunscreen and an ice chest, on what to take when headed to the creek, especially when it comes down to looking fashionable. However, I know you people are out there.
Do you worry if your Chacos match your swimsuit? Do you color coordinate your Kavu bag to the straps on your Teva sandals? If you answered “yes” to any of those in your head, or chuckled – chances are you’re OCD or fashion conscious when it comes down to the time you spend outdoors. Lucky for you, there is a local business in Russellville ready to accommodate your needs. You guessed it; Feltner’s Athlete’s Corner is the place! Do not let the name turn you away. You certainly do not have to be an athlete to shop at Feltner’s.
Offering a wide range of brands, Nike, Chaco, Keen and Reef, to name a few, if you are searching for a place where down-home service merges with assortment, look no further.
Whether you want a more polished look when hitting the water, or are unsure of how to pair your items, the following tips will surely be of assistance.
Color Blocking  ~     Lucky you, color blocking is in! So, what exactly is color blocking? Basically, it means mixing complementary colors together. The main idea is to pair colors on the opposite end of the color wheel. To give this trend a whirl, try pairing one of the multi-color Chaco sandals with a swimsuit in a complementary color, or with one of the many maxi dresses Feltner’s is carrying right now.
Hats, Hats, Hats!  There is no better way to stand out and look put-together in the warmer months than a sunhat. Why did women every stop wearing big hats? They are extremely versatile. If you are afraid (rightfully so) that you might lose it due to an unexpected gust of wind or accidental tipping over into the water, there are more functional and cute hats to be had at Feltner’s. Furthermore, a hat will protect your face from the sun.
Watch Out!  How many iPhones have been lost while on the water or fallen victim to ole Piney? This is why a waterproof watch to keep up with the time is necessary. This is also a chance to express individuality with your choice in color and style. Oversized watches are being done by every major brand, so if you are looking for a trend-based watch, that could be a perfect way to go.
Soak Up The Sun…but, not too much. The warm sun on your skin may feel good, but it definitely is not doing you any favors over long periods of time. Purchasing a pair of durable but attractive sunglasses could save you money and health problems for years to come. Although sunglasses are great, do not forget that sunscreen is always the best act of caution.
You can find Feltner’s Athlete’s Corner conveniently located on Facebook, or stop by their store located at 2320 W. Main St. in Russellville. Running short on time and curious if something is in stock? Give them a call at (479)-968-6464. Do not forget to tell them we sent you!

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