A Natural State of Mind

by | Feb 1, 2015 | Features

Jessica Mae Simpson is a local artist in Russellville. Born and raised in Dover, she graduated from ATU with a fine arts degree and has had her work featured in shows since graduation. Her latest show, at the River Valley Arts Center, highlighted 13 pieces and was devoted to Arkansas outdoor activities. Many pieces of her art are currently on display and for sale around the River Valley. Penny University and The Wall climbing gym are two locations. The Natural State and its natural wonders hold a special place in Jessica’s heart. “My passion is to inspire art, but also inspire outdoor activities through my art,” said Jessica.
The work on display in these pages is from Jessica’s collection “The Natural State: An Ode to Arkansas.” On her website Jessica says, “The Natural State isn’t just representing our dear old Arkansas. It is a representation of a state of mind. Having a natural state of mind and being unified with nature is my goal for this collection.”
Besides the pieces in this collection, Jessica also does commissioned work. “One person really liked the painting with the blue kayak, but asked if I could do one with a red kayak because they had a red one,” said Jessica. “So I did.”
Jessica’s unique first-person perspective places the viewer in the action. Indeed, it is difficult to look at her work without feeling the itch to get outside, take a hike, swim in the creek or just laze the day away in a hammock.
Visit www.jmsimpsongallery.crevado.com to view more of Jessica’s work.

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