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by | Feb 1, 2015 | Valley Vittles

Fast-food is “what’s for dinner” many times in our hectic lives. When we finally punch the time clock, pick Junior up from baseball practice and run by the pharmacy for allergy medication it just seems like too much effort thinking up a recipe, let alone actually cooking it. Sometimes, on the weekends, we enjoy a meal at a local restaurant, not fast-food, but we’re still stuck in a hurried mindset from earlier in the week. Maybe we’ve got other plans for the evening and don’t want to dawdle around eating. Maybe were on a date with our significant other and the movie starts in 45 minutes. We sure don’t want to miss the previews. So we set aside half an hour to eat and lightly converse, all the time thinking ahead to where we’re going to sit in the theater. But we need to slow down. We need to savor the moment and the food, because good moments and good food are truly life’s greatest treasures. There is a meal, specifically, a particular cut of beef that begs you to slow down. It’s been hailed as the king of cuts and its very name means excellence. It’s called prime rib.
The “prime” in prime rib means best possible quality, top-rate, choice, superior, supreme. It means that every other cut of meat on a 2,000 pound bull is second-rate.
If you want to be known as a person of discriminating palate, you order the prime rib. If you want your significant other to know that only the very best will do for them, you buy them a prime rib. I’m writing this from a man’s perspective, but delicious beef is no respecter of sex. Ladies, if you love your man tell him to order the prime rib. When the prime rib is finally set in front of you, don’t rush to the knife and fork. Take your time. Spread the napkin on your lap, then look into your significant other’s eyes and note the gleam of joy, the anticipation of that first bite. Then, slice a hunk and admire the color. Relish the primal cravings. Chew slowly and savor deeply. Now, talk with your significant other. There is no rush. There is no hurry. It’s just you two, and you’ve got all night.
And where can you order prime rib in the River Valley? Glad you asked. Cagle’s Mill has long been lauded for this tasty cut of red meat. They also have a bar with adult beverages and an upscale atmosphere to go along with a well-prepared prime rib. Sounds like a fantastic idea for a certain holiday coming up in the middle of February.

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