Say Cheese!

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Valley Vittles

September weekends in the River Valley often flirt with the ideal of what a weekend should be. Cool mornings lead to bright sunny days. The temperature is just right for opening windows and letting that first breath of autumn filter through the house. Because despite glorious weather, in the house is where you want to be. It’s football season.
Sitting on the sofa with a refreshing September breeze caressing your summer-sunned skin as you watch large gentlemen run into each other with ferocity is one of fall’s most cherished traditions. There’s really only one way to push this experience into nirvana — delectable snack food.
Or maybe you do want to be outside? Maybe in the parking lot at a local college, grills warming up, the smell of hickory smoke in the air, but the main course won’t be ready for another half hour. There’s only one thing that can cover the gap between your growling gut and the wait for grilled meat — delectable snack food.
How about something slightly spicy with a creamy texture that pairs perfectly with a crunchy corn chip? How about some famous Stoby’s cheese dip from right here in Russellville, Arkansas? There’s not a snack out there that goes better with River Valley football
Covering a crisp corn chip with a contrast of smooth dairy and subtle peppery warmth, Stoby’s cheese dip has been the perfect football snack since 1992. That’s a lot of kickoffs and touchdowns, and a whole lot of satisfied snackers as well.

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