Paradise by the Back Table Light

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Valley Vittles

Meatloaf the singer is awesome. Who doesn’t dig rock opera, right? But meatloaf the food is boring and also ironic. You’ve known this since your first experience with the traditional dinner of native suburbanites. I doubt there are any puzzled looks over the “boring” label. But Ironic? Yes, ironic. Meatloaf is jazzed up hamburger. Just add some bread, some fancy seasoning (who knows what), some onions and then cover it with that thick red topping of irony.  All that work to make it something besides hamburger… and then add ketchup.
Meatloaf doesn’t have to be boring or ironic, but finding a recipe that’s not is challenging. When your search for exciting meatloaf ventures into the restaurant realm, well, you can forget it. No such dish exists. But this was before I was introduced to “Frenchified Southern” cuisine.
You can find this unique interpretation of food at Fox & Fork restaurant in Clarksville. I suggest the meatloaf open face sandwich. Sounds interesting already, doesn’t it? Fox & Fork took this bland thing and turned it into a visual and palate thrilling dish, something you need to see and taste before your final verdict on meatloaf. Gently seasoned meat topped with real tomatoes (no ketchup) spinach and a poached egg served on a slice of Texas toast. Cover that with some pepper gravy and… wow.
Paradise by the back table light. 

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