Deck the Halls

by | Dec 1, 2016 | Valley Vittles

We’re not sticklers for Christmas traditions. Sometimes we decorate and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we open gifts on Christmas morning and sometimes on Christmas Eve. But there is one time-honored ritual in which we simply must indulge: watching at least one episode of “A Christmas Story.”
We build a fire in the fireplace, needed or not, and vegetate as the screen flashes images of Ralphie’s Red Ryder fantasies, the old man and his major award, and how to be a soap connoisseur. I’ll offer no more spoilers because if you haven’t watched this iconic Christmas movie, you owe yourself and your family a viewing this year.
Maybe one more spoiler.
As the movie winds down, after the presents are unwrapped and the pink nightmare ascends the stairs, tragedy strikes the family. Treading carefully here to, yet again, avoid too many spoilers, Christmas dinner is lost.
So the family must find an eatery for their holiday dinner, and the only place open in town is a Chinese restaurant. The closest approximation to the old man’s beloved turkey is duck, cooked whole and smiling.
If only Madame Wu’s would have been an option.
No duck at Madame Wu’s, but poultry options abound. We enjoyed the chicken and vegetables, tender chicken with a delicate sauce; the general’s chicken with it’s sweet and spicy boldness; and the extreme hot pepper chicken, which was only extreme in the category of sophisticated and alluring flavor. In short, something for everyone that’s looking for fine dining in Russellville’s original Chinese food establishment.
These delicious options are sure to make you want to deck the halls with boughs of holly…

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