Sweet Pastels

by | Apr 1, 2017 | Features, Valley Vittles

Pastel sweetness has been a hallmark of Easter since the 1800s when egg-shaped sugar pastries starting popping up in German immigrant bakeries. The pastries celebrated the return of “der Osterhase” or “ the Easter hare,” which soon became everyone’s favorite bunny… before Bugs of course.
Since those first egg-shaped pastries, the spring saccharine scene has been mostly dominated by chocolate because apparently Valentine’s Day just wasn’t enough. But lately, there’s been a resurgence in baked goods for all occasions. And it only seems appropriate that bakers around the world reclaim their former stronghold as creators of a welcome indulgence after 40 days of sacrifice, a well-kept (so far) New Year’s resolution, or just making it through the winter. Whatever the reasoning, you deserve some sweets for spring.
You can get those sweets — in mind-boggling array — at Kneading Hands Bakery in downtown Russellville.
We ate scones and we ate cupcakes and we ate sugar cookies too pretty to eat but too scrumptious not to eat. And then we ate cake.
It was a light-almond flavored cake with butter cream frosting, chipped bars of white chocolate nestled in its gossamer crown and sprinkles all over. It is indubitably the most prized of gifts that could be left behind by der Osterhase. And after one bite you’ll know that springtime sugary goodness should always and forever be left to the baker’s hands.  

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