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The life force pulses through this little blue and green planet in liquid form. Sure, we terrestrial aerobic organisms require air transport for our oxygen, but liquid is the medium through which all the building blocks required for organic life move, breakdown, bond, and transport nutrients throughout our carbon-based forms.
Fruit and vegetable juices are packed with these building blocks — minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients — used by the plant, and our bodies were designed to use these nutrients, too. It’s why the deep purples, enticing reds, and vibrant fuchsias of berries and fruits catch our eye. It’s why we crave the piquant sweetness of a plump June strawberry and the zesty zing of citrus. It’s why that first snapping bite of crisp apple sounds as good as it tastes.
Though we are omnivores, fruits and veggies were likely our most primal source of food. So if you want to feed your carbon-based form the very best fuel, it makes sense to eat a diet heavy on the plants. We found a place in the Russellville that can supply this goodness in a refreshing and delicious way.
The Daily Press Juicery is a brand new concept in the River Valley. Offering fresh-pressed gourmet juices, nut milks, and a variety of other healthy and tantalizing selections. All are  prepared and served with an understanding that food and drink should be more than an afterthought, and that the life force pulses through you in liquid form.  

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