Icy, spicy, sweet with heat

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Valley Vittles

I’m a sucker for adventurous flavor combinations. The snap of lemon juice paired with the fullness of garlic and earthy tones of cumin on venison steak all gently muted under a pillow of buttery béarnaise is a favorite. The twists and turns keep my tastebuds locked into the moment, and anticipation of not knowing how one sensation will play off the other is why. Will they blend together in glorious harmony? Will each note remain distinct, its singular essence unwavering for a time before the gentle surrender to another?
I look for this experience when we venture out to eat as well.
A few restaurants in the area operate with this level of daring. It’s often those establishments searching for their own identity, and it’s often a restaurant injecting a bit of the owner’s culture into the River Valley. Luckily, we’ve seen more of both in recent years. New ideas and a shot of diversity are always a good thing. We found some of this daring over in Dardanelle at the bright and colorful Bocadillos Frozen Desserts. And we found it in the form of a dessert called mangonada.
BFD’s mangonada is icy, spicy, fruity, sour, salty, sweet with just a touch of heat. It’s the perfect accompaniment for these sultry summer days. But BFD offers more. Traditional Mexican sweets, snacks, and handmade ice cream including Cookie Monster, kiwi, queso, and even corn. That’s right — corn flavored ice cream.
And it’s all an adventure, something to keep your tastebuds guessing every time.

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