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by | Jun 1, 2019 | Every Day Life

I am always so curious as to what most children think of their mother; what she does all day, things she says and habits she has, what she looks like, and what they think her own childhood was like. I am forever entertained and endeared by their answers. I interviewed several kids about their mom, and these are some of their responses.
How old is your mom? (Most common answer: her correct age.)
“20? Maybe 28?” – Jasmine, age 5
“14.” – Isobel, age 5
“6… maybe 8.” – Emi, age 5
What is your mom’s favorite food? (Most common answer: vegetables)
“Chips and salsa, and jalapeños with hot sauce.” – Raff, age 9
“Broccoli.” – Jasmine, age 5
“Salad.” – Isobel, age 5
“Dinner.” – Aspen, age 7
“Keto. I don’t know what that is, but she always says she can’t have anything but Keto.” – Gracie, age 4
What is your mom’s favorite drink? (Most common answer: coffee)
“Water that fizzes.” – Hayden, age 13
“That brown bottle in the fridge…” {goes to check} “Kentucky Bourbon Stout.” – Raff, age 9
“Adult beverages.” – Cody, age 13
What is your mom’s job? (Most common answer: Nurse.)
“Working at the school.” – Jasmine, age 5
“Working in the laboratory.” – Isobel, age 5
“Client worker.” – Cody, age 13
“A hair salon worker.” – Raff, age 9
What is something you see your mom doing a lot of? (Most common answer: Tie between cleaning and laundry.)
“Being good.” – Jasmine, age 5
“Cuddling with me.” – Aspen, age 7
“Talking on the phone.” – Ruby, age 13
“Plucking her gray hairs.” – Gracie, age 4
What is something you wish your mom did more of? (Most common answer: Spend more time with me.)
“Not go to work so we can play.” – Isobel, age 5
“See the future of my mind.” – Emi, age 5
“Buy candy.” – Hayden, age 13
“Go out to eat!” – Kristyn, age 16
What is something your mom always says to you? (Most common answer: I love you.)
“Go to bed.” – Cody, age 13
“You can do it yourself.” – Ruby, age 13
“Don’t eat your booger’s.” – Ben, age 3
How would you describe your mom, and what’s her style? (Most common answer: Dresses good.)
“Dresses and high heels.” – Jasmine, age 5
“Brown eyes and brown hair, a bright face, and sparkly fingernails!” – Isobel, age 5
“She likes colors.” – Cody, age 13
“She dresses like a mom.” – Ruby, age 13
“She’s short.” – Hayden, age 13
“Beautiful, and her style is tattoos.” – Raff, age 9
If you had to describe your mom as an animal, what animal would it be? (Most common answer: A cat.)
“A unicorn.” – Jasmine, age 5
“Quiet as a mouse and soft as a bear.” – Aspen, age 7
“A lizard.” – Cody, age 13
“A white mole.” – Raff, age 9
What is something your mom does to relax? (Most common answer: Lays down.)
“Plays in her bedroom.” – Emi, age 5
“Takes her anxiety X medicine.” – Gracie, age 4
“Gets on Facebook.” – Hayden, age 13
“Goes on an adventure.” – Raff, age 9
Is your mom a good cook? If so, what is your favorite thing she makes? (Most common answer: Yes, macaroni and cheese.)
“She makes good rolls.” – Emery, age 7
“Chinese noodles!” – Emi, age 5
“No, she burns stuff and we have to open a window.” – Gracie, age 4
If your mom became the first woman president, what do you think her first rule would be? (Most common answer: Kids have to clean their rooms.)
“Keep people safe in the name of the law!” – Emi, age 5
“Have your kids in bed by 9 p.m.” – Hayden, age 13
“Only poop in the toilet and be sure to wipe good.” – Ben, age 3
“Be kind to everyone.” – Raff, age 9
What do you think your mom wanted to be when she grew up? (Most common answer: A doctor.)
“A model.” – Emery, age 7
“A knitter.” – Cody, age 13
“A cat holder.” – Ben, 3
“A Real Housewife like on that TV show.” – Gracie, age 4
Do you think your mom is scared of anything? (Most common answer: Spiders)
“Actually, yes. Tigers.” – Emi, age 5
“What the world is turning into.” – Cody, age 13
“Heating stuff up in plastic, because of cancer.” – Raff, age 9
Would you trade your mom for a different mom?
Unanimous: “No!”

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