Funky Town Mall

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Community Commerce

It’s safe to say that Funky Town Mall is one of the most unique places to shop in Russellville.
If you’ve never been, it feels like you’re on a scavenger hunt as you scour the shop for different treasure. The mall is a collection of different booths filled with oodles of jewelry, books, crafts, pocket knives, furniture, clothes and more.
It’s almost a maze you want to get lost in.
“I’ve had customers say they’ve walked around two or three times and they saw something different every time,” says owner Amanda Armstrong.
Amanda started Funky Junky in downtown Russellville in 2012, and then kicked up Funky Town Mall in 2013. In the beginning, vendors weren’t allowed. But when Funky Town started, people were coming to Amanda and her husband Jimmy asking if they could sell a few pieces.
“We’ve always liked that extraordinary, different, vintage retro vibe,” said Amanda. “And then we came up with Funky Town Mall, naming it ‘Funky Town’ because it was like a garden of people under one roof, like a town, but it’s in our mall.”
Now, the antique shop has around 80 vendors who pay a monthly fee. There aren’t many requirements for renting a booth at Funky Town. It’s really for anyone who needs to get rid of anything. “Declutter and defunk your homes, your attics, your basements, your storage sheds,” Amanda says. “Get rid of it and make some extra income.”
Renting a booth isn’t a requirement, though. Funky Town also offers the opportunity to sell items in the mall parking lot every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. The fee is $10.
Though, Funky Town has room for more booths, plans to expand with additional room for vendors are in the works. “I’m kind of antsy to change things up,” Amanda says. “It’s kind of like moving around furniture in your house.”
Funky Town gets a lot of travelers so Amanda tries to fill the shop with items from all over the country, buying from estate sales. This aspect of the business is one of Amanda’s favorite parts. She gets the chance to meet people from everywhere.
“No two days are the same,” she said. “I love to hear people’s stories and why they’re here.”
For additional information, call 479-968-3865 or visit its Facebook page or at Funky Town Mall. Its Instagram page is @funkytownmall. Sales can be made through social media.

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