10 Things About: Daniel Connerly

by | Nov 1, 2019 | 10 things ABOUT...

Age: 37
Occupation: I am the Food Services Director for the Russellville School District.
Hometown: Bred and born in Russellville, I have spent 27 years here in the River Valley, with a 10 year hiatus traveling the world.
Family: My wife Sarah is my gift from God. She is the guidance counselor at Oakland Heights elementary. I have 3 hell on wheels boys ages 7 (twins) and 4.
1) What is your favorite book and why?
“Where the Red Fern Grows.”  I remember so well how I came to read this book, I was grounded to my room when I was about 13 years old and decided to read it. I just truly love the story. I really connected with it due to my love of dogs and growing up country.
2) Dog or cat?
Dogs. Cats are for girls.
3) What’s the best thing about living in the River Valley?
There are far fewer people that can say I live on a lake or close enough as we all do.  I think having the ability to drive less than 10 minutes to get to a lake, river, hiking trail or the national forest is a huge deal.
4) What’s something no one would ever guess about you?
I have been in two feature films and starred in a couple of student productions.
5) What is your favorite music genre and artist?
My favorite genre is probably country, but I truly can listen to and enjoy a lot of other variety.  My favorite artists are Garth Brooks and Will Smith equally.  My first introduction to country was “Roping the Wind” and “No Fences” on cassette. Because of my admiration for Will Smith and his against the grain persona, I was drawn to his music and have memorized every word to two of his albums.
6) What do you nerd out on?
Reality treasure hunting shows like “Curse of Oak Island,” “Civil War Gold,” “The Billion Dollar Wreck,” etc.
7) If you could change one thing about the River Valley, what would it be?
I would dig a tunnel or build a bridge at every train crossing so I didn’t have to sit and wait on any more trains.
8) Where is the one location in the River Valley you would tell a first-time visitor that they must go?
Right now I am telling everyone to go to Ridgewood Brothers Barbecue.
9) Pizza, tacos, cheeseburger, or fried chicken?
TACOS! TACOS!  TACOS! Because it’s an edible plate and you can put anything you want on it.
10) What is your favorite quote? Could be from an inspirational person or an original.
“Elephants don’t bite.” I use this a lot to explain to people that it’s all about the details, and I compare details to mosquitoes — they do bite. The bigger things, you can obviously see.  Pay attention to the details because they can make or break you most of the time.

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