“C” is for Community

by | May 1, 2020 | Community Commerce

Photo by Liz Chrisman

Community Commerce has always been a suitable title for this section, where we inform readers about our advertisers and what they have to offer. After speaking to our advertisers in this trying time — many are suffering losses in income, some are entirely shut down, and all are dealing with major inconveniences daily — I see the “community” in each of them.

Each is doing the best he or she can to ensure the safety of the community, whether it’s by only offering curbside pickup or delivery, frequent sanitation, or following the governor’s orders and shutting down completely until this virus has run its course. Each is doing all of this, while still providing and meeting the needs of the community.

Many of my regular advertisers not only continued their advertising in this trying time but ran larger ads than usual to help us at ABOUT. Many individuals have gone online to subscribe to ABOUT to show their support. This, in a time that I personally have been concerned about my ability to provide for my family, when both my own business and my work at ABOUT are not “essential,” spoke directly to my heart.

So many in our community have put the well-being of others ahead of their own immediate needs. Now is the time when those who can should do.

We at ABOUT hope that we are doing our part by offering a discounted ad rate, making this section about our advertisers and how they are conducting business for the time being, and featuring a story about a great nonprofit helping others in need. I now ask each of you to do what you can.

Please consider the lost revenue of our advertisers and help ensure their doors can open back up when this trying time has passed: Buy gift cards to use when all is safe to get out and shop again, order takeout or delivery, buy local where that few dollars may make a huge difference. Make a promise that when you need that service, you’ll call on the community businesses.

The part of the title, Community Commerce, that didn’t really sound right to me in the past was “community.” Until now.

ABOUT’s “community” stretches across several counties and many communities. There’s nothing like hard times to bring everyone together into one big community looking out for each other and putting the greater good above one’s self. So more than ever, I’m so glad to work with and be a part of, this great big River Valley community.

It really is what ABOUT has been about, since the beginning.


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