Pretty & Perfect in Pink

by | Feb 1, 2008 | Bridal

Although the bride wore white, her thirteen attendants were pretty and perfect in pink. Lauren Nicole Moore and Samuel Joseph Hall were married in a very traditional evening wedding at First Baptist Church on July 14, 2007. (Perfect symmetry, Lauren notes!)
The couple are children of Kevin and Dusqua Moore of Russellville and Ronnie and Glenda Hall of Greenbrier. Ironic that Sam hails from Greenbrier since Lauren’s father graduated from Greenbrier High School. While their families had crossed paths numerous times, Lauren and Sam had never met.

It was years later when the couple met through Sam’s cousins, Emily Lyons Lunney and Ellen Lyons Harrison. Their first conversation was at Ellen’s wedding in September 2005 where Lauren’s mom, Dusqua recalled that “Sam noticed her but she didn’t notice him.”

Lauren laughs, “This April I will have been a bridesmaid eleven times.”

The pair married in Lauren’s home church because, as she says, “I think every bride wants the center aisle and traditional cute chapel wedding, but when it comes down to the real thing, you see the ease and importance of getting married in your home church.”

Teresa White, a friend of the Moore family, assisted as wedding planner. According to the bride, the whole day went extremely smooth and well. They had planned every minute of the whole day!
Megan and Molly served their sister as maids of honor. “I had two maids of honor because my sisters and I are very close and it was not even an option to try to choose between the two,” insisted Lauren.
“I choose a traditional wedding because it the type of wedding that fit us best as a couple. I made my own rules though when there was something that was really important to me.
But, says Lauren, not everything would have been considered “traditional.”
“Sam and I choose to see each other before the wedding ceremony. He came to my parent’s house and we did several pictures and exchanged wedding gifts before heading to the church,” she recalled.
“I personally think that was the best time of the whole day. I think weddings today are becoming so diverse and special because people are deciding that whatever is special to them as a couple is the most important part in planning the details of a wedding.

Another personal element added to the wedding was the candlelight service. Approximately 500 guests were handed candles upon entering the sanctuary. Those candles were lit one by one while the congregation was addressed and asked to keep the young couple close in their prayers.
“The candle light service was also done in Richie (Wright) and Danny Hipps’ wedding 15 years ago. Our family is very close with the Wright family and my mom has worked for them for over 25 years,” added Lauren.
“Molly was the flower girl in Richie and Danny’s wedding and Emmy (their daughter) was a flower girl in mine.”
The reception followed at Lake Point on Lake Dardanelle.
“I have always wanted an outdoor reception and Lake Point was a great option for me,” said Lauren. “It allowed for the convenience and ease of an indoor reception but I was able to have most of the entertainment going on outside. We had all the food inside and a band and a dance floor outside.”

Tom Bagby, a prominent Arkansas photographer who makes his home in Russellville, photographed the Moore-Hall wedding. In addition to having taken photos of Lauren and her sisters since infancy, he also took the wedding photos for Lauren’s parents in 1982.
“We were one of the first couples to have photos taken by Tom,” Dusqua recalled. “He was just starting out then, and he has documented our family at holidays and special events since the beginning.”
Lauren and Sam currently reside in Fort Smith where he works as a field engineer for an oil and gas company. Lauren holds a master’s degree in dietetics and currently works at Creative Kitchen.

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