Why Hire a Wedding Consultant?

by | Feb 1, 2008 | Bridal

By Melinda Rhynes

The value of a Professional Wedding Consultant may not be immediately apparent to an engaged couple. But ask any recently married woman who used a wedding consultant, and she will tell you to ‘definitely hire one.!’
Once you have established a budget, you might believe this is an area where you may save some money and forgo hiring a professional. Before making your final decision, consider these benefits of a professional wedding consultant. Perhaps you too will realize that a wedding consultant is an invaluable asset to the outcome of your special day.

A wedding consultant is someone who:
• assists the Bride through the entire planning process.
• saves the Bride and her family from unneeded apprehension.
• provides clear direction to the entire wedding party and family members during rehearsal and on the wedding day.
* offers suggestions based on past experience with the couple’s desires in mind.
• is an excellent source of information regarding other wedding professionals.

• provides rules for proper wedding etiquette.
• is familiar with facilities and their policies concerning weddings.
• knows the latest trend in wedding fashions and decorations.
• allows you and your fiancé to “just be in love.”

These are just a few reasons that hiring a professional wedding consultant could benefit the engaged couple. Some people decide to have a friend (or a friend of their mother) try to direct the wedding. While this can be done successfully, I have had many brides tell me later that they wished they had hired a specialist. Sometimes dealing with family or friends during an intense emotional event, such as a wedding, often results in hurt feelings.
This, of course, needs to be avoided at all costs. When there is a difference of opinions, I make certain the bride makes a decision and see that her choice is honored.
A reputable consultant will have a contract or agreement for both parties to sign. There is normally a deposit due at the time the agreement is signed, followed by payments made during the engagement.
A first consultation generally is free of charge. The couple will want to make sure there is a good “fit” with the chosen wedding planner, and the planner will want to discover specific ideas the couple has for their wedding. If during the first meeting you are unsure about hiring this consultant, ask for references.
Normally most brides make a decision at the initial meeting to hire the consultant. If that is your decision, you should leave the first meeting with a feeling that a large weight has just been lifted off your shoulders.
If you hire a consultant, congratulations! Your wedding planning has just been made easier and simpler.


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