Clearly I can Find My Phone, If I Can Find My Glasses

by | Mar 1, 2012 | Every Day Life

  I Have spent the last 15 minutes looking for my reading glasses. My husband could tell I was looking for something and when he asked me what it was I didn’t want to tell him.
You see, my husband is almost six years older than me and once upon a time he wore reading glasses and I didn’t. He would always lose them and it would be so frustrating, not just for him but for me. I would need him to look at something and we would have to search the whole house to find his glasses. We always found them in the most unusual places and I would tease him unmercifully.
I am now paying dearly for every word I ever said because I just found mine in the two-tiered fruit holder. Why did I put them there? I have no idea! But I do know I walked by them at least ten times in my quest to find them. And, even though I had been trying to hide my dilemma from my husband, the fact that I had put my glasses in the fruit holder was just too funny — I had to tell him. Of course, then I had to endure, “And you would harass me about losing my glasses!” What could I say? He was right; I am now just as bad as him.
There have been times I have looked all over the house for these crazy glasses while they sat atop my own head. Yes, it will make you laugh out loud and make you think you are losing your mind.
If I were to be completely honest, I have to say that I may just be a little worse than my husband. I don’t just misplace my glasses — I am constantly misplacing my phone. Thank goodness we still have a land line, so I can call my cell phone and walk around the house following the ring.

This past Sunday I was almost in a panic. I had gone to Cracker Barrel to eat with friends after church. On the way home I called my friend Maylu. I needed to ask if she remembered a couple we had gone to church with years ago. As I walked into the house, still talking to Maylu, I hung my purse on the hook and noticed my phone was not in its pocket. Still talking to Maylu, I began to search through my purse for my phone. My husband could tell I was beginning to panic as I dumped the contents of my purse on the table.
As he asked what I was looking for, I said, “I can’t find my phone. I may have left it at Cracker Barrel.”
He very calmly looks at me and says, “It is on your ear,” to which I reply, while laughing, “Thanks Honey.”

Seriously, I was talking on the thing and looking for it at the same time! What might be a little crazier than that is after my husband helped me “find” my phone, he just went about his businesses like what had just happened was normal.

The really funny thing is that I have a story to top that one when it comes to my phone. I share this story as a public service to the masses. It is my mission to make you feel better about yourself.
Several months ago my husband and I were headed out of town. We had been talking about something — I can’t remember what it was — but it required me to call my friend Debbie and ask her a question. I called her cell number and much to my surprise a male voice answered.
My husband had been expecting a call and his phone began to ring just as I started calling Debbie. So, I placed my finger in my ear and turned my head away so I could hear my call better.
After the male voice answered my call I hesitated, and then I said, “Who is this?” I thought maybe her husband or son had answered her phone.
About that time my husband says, “Who is this?” I answered the person on my phone by saying, “This is Kechia Bentley.” I looked over at my husband, and we both realized we are talking to each other.
Sitting right there next to each other in a Honda Accord it took us five seconds to realize we were talking to each other on our cell phones. We have hit an all time low!
Now some of you younger people — those under the age of 40 — are thinking you will never be crazy like us, and you are probably right. You will never be as bad as my husband and I; we are a special kind of crazy. But as my husband has said to me at least 500 hundred times, “Wait till you’re my age.”


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