Italian Cuisine for the Night of Amore

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Valley Vittles

It’s February and love is in the air. St. Valentine’s Day, the holiday set aside for a celebration of romantic love, flavors the month.
Modern American culture has filled St. Valentine’s Day with some wonderfully cliché expressions of endearment such as romantic cards, chocolates, flowers, lingerie and fine dining. Good food is always the safest bet. There are many answers to the question of what to eat for a St. Valentine’s Day dinner date, but the overwhelming choice for diners is Italian.
Looking closely at this holiday shows that there may be more to choosing Italian food than taste bud preference. For starters, St. Valentine was given his saint hood by the Roman Catholic Church, which is of course in Italy. And then there’s that word “romantic.” Notice any similarities with the other words in this paragraph? Like maybe the name of a certain city that happens to be the capital of Italy? It’s all starting to make sense now. It appears that Italy has monopolized St. Valentine’s Day.
I kid, there is no Italian conspiracy going on here. It simply is the preference of your taste buds. A diversity of savory, robust flavors blended in a medley mirroring the complex and intertwining emotions of couples with the moon in their eye. Like a big pizza pie. Because that’s amore.
Nothing accompanies Italian cuisine better than a bottle of fine vineyard nectar. But which wine to choose? Does a bold red best compliment your entrée, or should you choose a gossamer white?
There is a restaurant in the River Valley that can address this question. Coincidently, you and your date can address your Italian cravings there as well. That restaurant is Venezia’s.
My recommendation is the shrimp scampi. Yes, scampi is standard Italian eatery fare, but Venezia’s does a delectable interpretation. Plump shrimp, al dente pasta and light, creamy white wine sauce seasoned just right.
Buon appetito lovers, the night is yours.

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