Summer Dawgs ~ Big City Style

by | May 1, 2014 | Valley Vittles

willysdawgsThe forerunner of the hot dog has been around since the Paleolithic period when humans first impaled an encased sausage over open flame.  Variations of the hot dog are found all over the world, but THE hot dog – a mixture of finely minced meat and seasonings – is uniquely American. What were the words to that old saying? Oh yes: “As American as baseball, Chevrolet, hot dogs and apple pie.
Not only is the hot dog true blue American, it’s also the iconic symbol of summertime outdoor fare. It’s the snack you crave at a baseball game, sitting around a campfire or sitting on the front porch while fireflies flit through the yard. But the humble hot dog has expanded on its long held position in Americana, and in a manner that River Valley residents have not experienced like folks in the big cities. In sprawling metropolis areas lunch on the street often comes out of a cart; a hot dog cart.  New Yorkers, Chicagoans and even residents of cities on the left coast have long been patrons of the hot dog cart. Within the last few years the River Valley has joined the ranks of those big cities, at least when it comes to having a hot dog vendor.
Willy’s Dawgs, on Highway 7T in Russellville is probably the only place this side of Little Rock you can enjoy the hot dog experience we’ve been lacking. Icy drinks, al fresco dining and delicious hot dogs with a wide selection of toppings. And when I say wide selection, gentle readers, that is exactly what I mean. You can order a dawg custom topped with sweet, spicy or any combination and the combinations are innumerable. I like the classic beef dawg with chow-chow, Jamaican-me-cry and Willy’s spicy mustard, but in my experience you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.
Order a dawg. Sit in the breeze while you shoot the breeze with friends. And enjoy a taste of big city living seasoned with down home service from Willy.l

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