It Never Ends

by | May 1, 2014 | Every Day Life

droppedIt just never ends. I am sorry to report to those of you with younger children that they will in fact continue to make you want to bang your head against a wall even when they are “adults.”
I, of course, never made my mother feel that way. I transitioned into adulthood perfectly with no issues. And if my mother is reading this she is looking for the nearest wall to begin the head banging.
Here is the latest episode in our house that just leaves you wondering, “Why?”
Our sons, Dillon (24) and Payton (23) will both be graduating from the University of Arkansas on May 10th. Yes, I know, yea for us!!! We will soon be getting a raise with all the kids finally out of college and at least two of the three completely off our payroll.
With that in mind we have been very pleased with Dillon’s efforts to find gainful employment upon graduation – Civil Engineering Degree. Payton will be attending Law School at the U of A in the fall, so no gainful employment for him. He is, however, paying for Law School himself. Happy Dance from mom and dad, well maybe just mom… dad really can’t dance.
Anyway, Dillon had two job interviews in one week. First job interview went well: got an offer. Good offer, but not to Dillon’s liking so he turns it down. Okay, we can handle that. Besides he has another interview a few days later; let’s see how that one goes.
Job interview on Tuesday goes well. By Thursday job offer number two is going to be emailed to him that afternoon, and they would like for him to start part-time right away.
Mom and dad are beside themselves with excitement: a real job even before graduation! To Every parent who is helping put a child through college this is the dream.
Now we just need to wait  and see the offer. Lots of excitement and anticipation, at least on his momma’s part, is building as the day goes on. By 1 p.m. I am calling to see if he has gotten the offer.
Warning: this is where the crazy begins!
Dillon doesn’t know if the offer is in yet. He hasn’t checked. “Are you kidding me? Go check, now!” To which Dillon responds calmly, “I will check later. I am at the park with friends.” Again, are you kidding me? My future, I mean, his future could be wrapped up in that offer.
I waited a couple of hours and called him again. This time he does not answer. So, I do what any good parent would do I send a text that says, “Call me.” Yeah, like that is gonna happen, but you gotta try.
In about an hour I call again. Well, actually I call three times in a row – what my children lovingly refer to as “blowing up their phone”. Yeah, I know, great parenting skills, and remember this “child” is 24-years of age.
He finally answers and tells me that the offer is in his email, but he is fixing dinner and will look at it later. WHAT??!! I suggest that he go look at in NOW, and get back to me. He laughingly says, “OK”.
Yes, I have just failed parenting 101. All red flags should have been waving telling me something is “up”, but I fail to catch on at this time. It isn’t until another hour has gone by with no word from my son that I begin to go into full “worst case scenario” mom mode.
I ask my husband if he thinks it is possible there had been no interview and no job offer. Yes, off the deep end I know. But who would not be clamoring to read a job offer and share the information with their parents. Apparently, my son, that’s who.
My husband and I then plan a full frontal attack with phone calls and text messages. We were taking turns calling and texting until he finally answered once again. This time he says he is cleaning the kitchen after making dinner and somehow the way he says it, it dawns on me he is not alone. I inquire if he has prepared dinner for a guest. He answers in the affirmative. I ask if “she” is still there, at which point he happily replies, “Yes, Kristen is still here.”
The world is starting to make sense again.
The boy has been on a date all afternoon and has spent the evening grilling steaks for this young lady. And he knew I would want to play 20 questions about her, so he didn’t mention it. I feel lucky just to know her name is Kristen.
We (I really mean me) apologize for bothering him so much while he was on a date. I did tell him it was actually his own fault for not telling us about the date. That girl must think his parents are crazy people with how many times we called and sent that boy text messages.
Oh well, if she is going to be around for awhile it is better she find out now rather than later: we are crazy.
So being mature, good parents we “patiently” waited until late into the evening to see a copy of the offer.
It was good, and my child is employed even before he graduates! Praise my great God!
Oh, and since I am now going to be really busy running a covert operation to gather information on Kristen, I won’t have time to mail official graduation announcements for Dillon and Payton. So heads up everybody the boys are graduating!!!!!!!l

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