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311 West C Street in Downtown Russellville | (479) 967-1398 |

While Downtown Russellville continues to evolve month by month, there is one thing that never changes, the picturesque scenery and great locally owned businesses. If you have ever spent much time in the area it can begin to feel like you are on the set of a show like Gilmore Girls, because of the unending supply of friendly people, quaint shops, historic buildings, the list goes on.
Beautifully nestled across from the Train Depot is a business that epitomizes all of the previously mentioned, but combined with some serious edge. When you walk into The Frame Shop & Gallery, all of the things you love about a small town instantly welcomes you, but you are also greeted with a few of the aspects you love about a metropolitan area.
There are frames for days blanketing the wall, also doubling as chic décor, European inspired curtains allowing just the right amount of sun to fill the space, and then there is owner, Brian Irwin, who could easily be compared to the surroundings; unintentionally chic, a personality rivaling the warmth of the sun, and a creative, European presence you cannot ignore.
Although the shop has been running for 35 years, this is Irwin’s second year reigning as owner. After years of dabbling in everything from technology, real estate and obtaining a degree in public relations, it appears as if Irwin has found his niche. While speaking of his clients, the work he does and the things that inspire his work, his eyes lit up and his mouth could not keep up with his rapid thoughts.
After a quick glance around, it is easy to see that the clients served are just as interesting as he is. “People are in love with the things they bring in, and the importance should be reflected in the materials used. I don’t do ‘okay,’ I want you to love the final product.” said Irwin. When asked about the process of helping a client, he cracked a smile and said, “It requires conversation. I hear phenomenal tales!”
With anything, there are challenges, and Irwin said the hardest part of his job can be getting people to see the whole picture and vision. Additionally, he said that it is also one of the best parts because it means “they trust your interpretation of their vision.” “Whether it takes 10 minutes or an hour, we will figure it out,” he added.
Not only is The Frame Shop & Gallery the birthplace of many beautiful things now hanging in the homes of locals, but it also houses incredibly eclectic art created by artists in the community. Every month, a new artist is displayed on the walls and an art show is held. The next show will be held August 30, with Beth Whitlow as the featured artist.
With seasons about to change, it seemed obvious to ask Irwin about trends in his industry and ways to spruce up a home. “I think trends exist, but I am really not in to trends.” Perfect answer. However, sprucing up a home can easily be done with simple things like adding “fresh flowers and lamps.” “I love a good lamp,” said Irwin. Furthermore, he said his mother always says “every room has to have some black.” Mother knows best, right?

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