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by | Nov 1, 2014 | Community Commerce

What makes a business successful? Great customer service? Being family owned? Both of those things are important, and a big reason local business, Sorrells Body Shop has been operating in Russellville for more than 40 years. Purchasing the body shop upon his father’s retirement in 1988, Jamie Sorrells, president, has been dedicated to two important things in his business: his customers and his employees.
In 2002 Eric Hartzell bought his share as partner, and is currently the general manager, vice president and responsible for daily operations.
“For the most part, we are a collision repair shop. If you are in an accident, and damage your vehicle, we are the place to come and get it fixed,” explained Sorrells.
In a tight-knit community such as Russellville, one of the benefits of small businesses is knowing the people that serve you whether it is your dry cleaner, pediatrician, or the person working on your car. “We’ve been here for 40-something years. Over that time, you tend to build up trust in the community. People realize that when they come here they will find people who will take care of them and care about them,” said Sorrells.
If you have ever been in an accident you know there can be many parties involved with making decisions. However, Sorrells Body Shop takes every step to ensure your convenience and respect your time. “When you have an accident, most of the time you are dealing with your insurance company. We have a relationship with all of the [local] insurance companies so we make those issues a bit easier,” said Sorrells.
Sorrells Body Shop has a hint of home. Right down to the smile of Billie Pawlicki, PR and customer service specialist, when you walk in the door.
“Customer service, unfortunately, has become a thing of the past. Especially in today’s society, and that is something that most small and local businesses take seriously. We want to go above what people expect,” said Sorrells. “Our people that work here is what makes the business. I am proud of the folks we have here. The technicians do a great job, which makes the people working the front do a great job,” added Sorrells.
While the customers are important to Sorrells, he cares just as much about his employees and community members. “We try to make the shop a place people enjoy working. It is a real family atmosphere,” said Sorrells.
Philanthropy is part of what makes Sorrells a family. “Our mission is to provide quality and ethical service to customers, while giving back to our community every way we can. Every quarterly meeting, we pick a name out of a hat, and that employee gets to pick a charity to give to,” explained Sorrells.
Sorrells Body Shop has also given to local high school clubs and organizations, lent out billboard space for events, and purchased and fixed up a vehicle for local charity, The Russ Bus, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless. The Russ Bus serves homeless by “purchasing tents, buy someone a few nights in a hotel, whatever they need,” said Sorrells.
When asked what has made his business so successful, Sorrells replied that he really attributes their success to the fact that he has great people working for and with him. “You will leave here feeling good and sure that you were taken care of,” added Sorrells
If you would like to know more about Sorrells Body Shop or see what they are up to, give them a “like” on Facebook, visit them at 1903 S Arkansas Ave, give them a call at 479-968-3991.

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