The Perfect Summer Sandwich

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Features, Valley Vittles

It’s hot. It is, after all, July in Arkansas. We complain about it. Even though Arkansas summers have been hot and muggy since long before there was an Arkansas, we still complain about it. And we look for ways to cool down.
Getting out of the kitchen is a good start, and it goes a long way toward cooling the house. Who wants to slave over a scorching stove? And who wants to eat a hot and heavy meal when daytime temperatures are spiking the thermometer around 95 degrees? We need something light yet filling; something slightly chilled would be very nice as well.
How about a sandwich? The word “sandwich” sounds pretty blasé as we think back to meals made in haste by slapping some cold cuts between two bread slices along with a quick spread of our chosen condiment. But sandwiches don’t have to be boring. The best sandwiches aren’t boring at all, combing visual aesthetics and palate pleasure into an all-around satisfying meal. And we know where you can get such a sandwich.
Smokehouse Deli (formerly known as Ozark Smokehouse) is the place. Order the smokehouse club with a side of potato salad and glass of tea. After your eyes enjoy a few moments of viewing pleasure, take a bite of sandwich followed buy a spoonful of potato salad and then a nibble of pickle spear. Savor the surprising complexity of flavors. Wash it down with a sip from that sweating glass of tea. Repeat. Enjoy.

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