Unforeseen Circumstances at the Pet Fair

by | Oct 1, 2015 | On a Personal Note

Story by Adele Williams
Trusting your gut feelings (paying attention to how your body responds to any person, thing, or situation the first 15 seconds you come in contact) is one of the first lessons I teach my students in Psychic Classes. When I received a call from The Needy Paws Animal Shelter in Clarksville, AR to volunteer as the Pet Psychic for a fundraiser, I accepted without a moment’s hesitation. The energy felt so good — the best of intentions for a worthy cause. The Woofstock 2014 was sponsored by Subaru; the focus was to manage as many adoptions as possible.
Reading animals is just like reading people. I open my upper energy centers or chakras and begin receiving information, from God or what some call the Divine Source.  When this started happening to me I was in my early 30’s and I tested it to the maximum, never wanting to give false information.
When I was involved in solving a murder and a missing person case, I was spurred  on to the psychic road.  Having been provided with so much positive feedback, I knew I was to use these intuitive gifts. In 1981, I learned what it meant to “have a calling.”
Debra Davis and Amanda Bosley, two of my talented assistants arrived shortly thereafter.  Suddenly, people were realizing the pet psychics were here. Schnauzers, dachshunds, German shepherds, bull terriers, Rottweilers, mutts, all  sizes and shapes were on parade. One lady with two adult dogs and four puppies in a baby stroller careened in as her loud smoky voice drew my attention.
This cracked Debra and me up, but we quickly regained our composure. The stroller lady pleaded “My dog is nervous and not sleeping.” I could see the dog slept with her, and the woman’s nervousness kept her pet awake. I suggested putting on soothing music before bedtime. One pale puppy had digestive upsets so a different type of food was recommended.
Next in line was a shivering dachshund. Flashes of the past owner burning this precious animal with cigarettes seared my mind. The present owner said the shelter suspected abuse.  I told her to never approach her dog in a threatening manner.  The owner’s eyes glistened with tears as she said, “I will love Tina and keep her close.” I suggested Rescue Remedy, a Bach flower essence which is safe for pets and people.
A black and grey striped cat sauntered up as if he owned the room.  I sensed pain in his lower back and heard kidney stones. He flinched as I gently touched the area. My recommendation was a special food and pineapple which would dissolve the stones.
The next patient was Crimson, a large grey poodle who began nudging my leg.  She spoke “I just don’t like Margaret leaving on so many trips!  I get so lonely! I want to be around more animals to play! ”
After relaying Crimson’s message, sorrow clouded Margaret’s eyes. “I travel a lot. She is missing her sister Poppy who recently died.”  Margaret hugged me tightly.   I kneeled by Crimson, thanking her for speaking.  Licking my hands and nudging me, she returned the love.  Days later, Margaret phoned saying, “I followed your advice about play dates and Crimson is a different dog after your reading.  She walks with a spring in her step and is so relaxed!”
One small skirmish showed me that Debra, my assistant, was on point.  A large tan dog attacked two pups and Debra said, “I read the large dog and he was disturbed by the costumes the little pups were wearing!”  Working alongside my dear friends Debra and Amanda made the day extra special.
I took a moment to address the crowd: “Speak with your animals like they are people.  Every time I went on a trip I laid my suitcase on the bed and my cats crawled in, nervous looks flooding their faces.  Once I told them in advance I was leaving they never crept into the suitcase again or showed signs of high anxiety.”
Thus ended our day of volunteering for a cause so dear to our hearts.  Being a psychic, all kinds of adventures come my way.  I thought of a cartoon a friend gave me with a sign on the front of a psychic’s door that said: “Office closed due to unforeseen circumstances.” This thought continues to make me laugh and I certainly need a good sense of humor to be involved in this type of work.

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